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Hey guys,

Today im going to start a series, a cartoons series. Basically im going to take childhood cartoons and lesser known cartoons and create inspiration for outfits. This is because i feel like many people don’t realize that inspiration for fashion can come from anywhere so i hope you enjoy this article, and let me know what other cartoons you would like to see next.

This cartoon is a French cartoon that was aired also in Japan and America. I found it once while watching cartoon network and loved it since then. Here is a short summary of the show-

Code Lyoko is about a group of four boarding school students enrolled at Kadic Junior High School: Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, and Yumi Ishiyama. The students travel to the virtual world of Lyoko — which is found in a supercomputer housed in the basement of an abandoned factory near the school — to fight against a deadly multi-agent system named XANA and prevent him from taking over the world. In the first season, they also tried to bring a virtual being trapped on Lyoko, Aelita Schaeffer to Earth.

Check out this website to view some episodes-

So, lets get to it then, shall we?


Yumi is sort of the schools resident Bad- A**. Although she looks so tough she is actually rather friendly and has a secret love for Ulrich. Yumi is technically the only girl in her group of friends, except for Aelita who lives in Lyoko ( the cyber world). Yumi lives at home with her mom, dad, and little brother instead of on campus.

Her everyday outfit ( im doing season one) consists of all black. A black crop top, black cargo pants, and black combat boots. Her outfit seems very Gothic despite her sometimes girliness. Her outfit is great inspiration because all black can be hard to pull off without looking Gothic.

yumi ishiyama

For yumis outfit i wanted to stick to her dark color scheme but i didn’t want to use all black, so i used different shades. First i picked out a crop-top but instead of black i went with gray. It says LOVE on it, which stands for her girly side and love for Ulrich. Then i picked some black cargo pants to match hers as well as combat boots. The earrings give an extra edgy feel and the necklace pays tribute to her Japanese heritage. Then i picked out a military backpack to match her style because she travels from home to school. Its bright blue color adds just the right amount of color to this look.


Aelita is a human stuck in the virtual world of Lyoko. She is technically it’s keeper/ruler and is the one XANA is after. She is the only one that can save them by shutting down Lyoko in which Jeremy then returns them to the past. She is the bases of the show because every season they focus on getting her out of Lyoko. Aelita does not enter the human world at all in Season one. There fore it makes her outfit more complex in Lyoko.

Her outfit was hard to get inspiration from because it is basically a full body suit so instead i incorporated her outfits colors into my outfit. Taupe and Pink.  She is gentle and kind.


The center piece of this outfit would be the romper. I choose it because it is sort of like a body suit but easy to move in like her jumpsuit. It is also in her signature color pink. Then i added a blazer for chilly spring or fall days in her other color, Taupe. I also choose some cute booties that would be easy to run in and comfortable like hers because she cant fight, only run. Then i choose  some pearl earrings to show of her girly side. The necklace symbolizes her love for Jeremy and the fact that she can fly. Because she lives in Lyoko where it is usually bright i added some classic over-sized sunglasses to the look. Then instead of arm warmer i added some chic gloves that give the look a sophisticated look and a cute headband to keep the hair out of your face.


Jeremie  is the nerd of the group. Jeremie Belpois is one of the main protagonists of Code Lyoko, and aLyoko Warrior. Jeremie is 12 years old, with the mind of someone far beyond his years, but considerably more nervous for his age. He’s bashful, and not quite up to speed with gossip. He acts as the guide in Lyoko, being able to run the computer that no one else can (besides Aelita).  He’s noble, but sometimes has a short temper, and can be a jerk. He’s also the most prone to Xana possessions.

His outfit basically consists of a blue turtle neck, tan pants, regular shoes, and his glasses


For jeremie’s outfit i picked out a blue turtle neck to match the one he wears and add tan shorts instead of pants. The fact that they are high-waisted gives a fashionable feel and contrasts nicely with the over-sized blazer. For shoes i picked some menswear inspired ones- oxfords. I then added some fake nerd glasses to the look to make you feel as girly as jeremie and the messenger bag also helps achieve that nerd look all while looking chic. Then i added a nice hat just to add a little something to the look and to pull it together some girly jewelry.



Odd Della Robbia is a member of Team Lyoko and possibly the most popular among fans for being kindhearted, carefree and funny. He calls himself a ladies’ man, but the females he’s dated would say the opposite. He likes the color purple, and wears it on most of his clothes. He is one of the Lyoko Warriors and one of Aelita’s closest friends. XANA is also his sworn enemy, and he doesn’t like Sissi’s ( a really annoying person who likes Ulrich) stupid and childish behavior, but probably wants to like her.


I feel like Odds look has a seventies feel that i love. His pants are flare pants so for my outfit i also choose flare pants. Then i choose a flowy purple crop tank like his and added a pink tank underneath, but if your daring enough to show your stomach go ahead and get rid of the under tank. For shoes i choose some casual and comfy brown moccasins somewhat like Odd’s. To add more of a hippie feel i added a cute hippie headband. I picked the sunglasses to give you his cool guy feel. The cat necklace pays tribute to him becoming a cat man in Lyoko ( the virtual world) and the bone ring symbolizes his best friend, his dog kiwi. I even added purple hair dye for you to add a purple streak if you really want to look like odd.


Ulrich is a pleasant boy, although not very talkative. Once someone gets to know him, however, he remains a loyal and good friend. Actually, he is a strong and capital member of the Lyoko team, as the others.He lives in campus sharing a bedroom with Odd and Odd’s dog,Kiwi.His feelings for Yumi are very clear, but neither Yumi or Ulrich seem to have the courage to take the first step. . Despite him effectively only having eyes for her, he is still the object of affection for many girls in the school for his looks, althletic ability and alluring personality. The most notable is Elisabeth “Sissi” Delmas , who has strong affections for Ulrich and is the most persistent of his admirers, often leading to trouble for the rest of the gang.On Lyoko, Ulrich is an extremely effective warrior. With his saber he can destroy any monster in close combat as well as deflect attacks.


For Ulrichs outfit i went for a more casual look to represent his laid back style. I first picked out cargo pants taken from his look and then added a bright green tank with a white oxford shirt over it that i would leave on buttoned. Then just like in his look i added sneakers. A black scarf makes the look more casual as well as the feather earrings. To tie up the look i found a sword necklace to represent him being a ninja in Lyoko.


So, did you like this post? I hope so! Let me know what other cartoons you would like to see! Also i am looking for more writers, for fashion and beauty. Please let me know by comment or email, if you would like to write for this blog!

Thanks for reading!




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16 responses to “Cartoons Inspiration: CodeLyoko

  1. Great post! I use to love Code Lyoko as a kid, and it’s on On Demand now, if you have comcast.

  2. alpha4evaandeva

    Sorry I keep posting comments, I would have added this to the other I made. Anyway my little sister is becoming obsessed with Code Lyoko now. She sings the theme song when we watch it too. :) She’s three.

  3. alpha4evaandeva

    Idk really, but I love Yumi and Ulrich!!!!

  4. But then if that happened I would want more :)

  5. Erin

    Code Lyoko Evolution rumors flying around. Still love the show! Aiming to cosplay as Aelita for halloween this year. The show is now on Netflix

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