Inspired by Three Days Grace

Hey everyone,

I was listening to some music today and a great band called Three Days Grace. Its a sort of rocky bad who has great music so i decided to get inspiration from them. I based the outfits on what i felt listening to the song. Very edgy. I listened to the songs when making the outfits to help with inspiration.

Three Days Grace is a Canadian post-grunge band, formed in Norwood, Ontario, Canada in 1992, originally under the name Groundswell. After a breakup in late 1997, the band regrouped in the same year under its current name and with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and the backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2003, Barry Stock was recruited as the band’s lead guitarist. The band is based in Toronto.

After signing to Jive Records, Three Days Grace has released three studio albums: Three Days Grace in 2003, One-X in 2006, and Life Starts Now in 2009. The albums have been certified platinum, double platinum, and gold, respectively, in the United States. The band have a string of number one hits on theBillboard Alternative Songs and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts.

OUTFIT #1- Get out alive

get out alive

When listening to this song i sort of got the feeling of a glamorous rebel girl who’s boyfriend just died and she is is sad and running away. Or that she murdered her boyfriend and is running from trouble. The tank top gives a breezy feel as if she could care less but at the same time is sad, as the leather skirt adds an edgy feel. The bracelet and hat give a rocker feel. The purse and earrings add the feeling of glamour. For shoes pick converse or combat boots- both have an edgy casual feel. the sunglasses also give that runaway look. The winged liner is dark and the sparkly nail polish is girly/edgy. I also suggest rocking messy bedhead waves for this look.

Outfit #2- Time of dying

time of dying

For this outfit i sort of had the feeling of a person going through some type of upsetting pain. Maybe their boyfriend left them something like that. For this one i more of went by the lyrics than my feelings. To begin i started with a skull tank because skulls represent death. The red shorts are a more casual take on red skinny jeans. The leather jacket again gives that edgy dark feel. The studded boots are casual yet also show a painful mood. Along with the stud earrings. The necklace gives the feeling of pain because it says freak but at the same time love because of the heart shape. Then i just added a cute messenger bag. and for hair i added a girly big bow that you can use to pull your hair in a half-back.

Outfit # 3- Riot



This outfit is the edgiest of them all. It has a very dark rebel look. I feel like this song is proclaiming about all the hurt someone had been through and now they are going to stand up for themselves, and well, start a riot ;) So for this look i wanted something really stand out. To begin i picked leather leggings which are very bold and paired them with bold red heels. Because the bottoms are so bold i picked a more casual black and white graphic tee. Then for jewelry i added a unique diamond necklace which is bold but not too bold. Some basic edgy bracelets, an amazing dark feeling skull ring, and a standout casual studded headband. Then i also included nerd glasses because i love them so. The floral backpack gives the edgy look just the right amount of girly and than i added black nail polish to tie the look together.



What did you think of the post? Let me know in the comments below! Also would you ever wear these outfits? Which one was your fave? How do you feel about this band? Any suggestions about posts you want to see?

Also dont forget to check out all the new pages and the one about writing for FE!

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2 responses to “Inspired by Three Days Grace

  1. janine

    Hi Rain! BEE-YOO-TI-FUHL post(: I love all the outfits, even the 1st one! (Which has PINK…but it’s wine enough to not make me want to throw up. Pink is my least favorite color, in case you didn’t know.)
    I especially like the touches of leather, and how you added nail polish colors, perfect for me cuz I’m such a Polishaholic(:
    Subbed! :D

    ex oh ex oh,
    less than three,

    • Hey jainie! Thanks :)
      I figured you would like this because i know you like punk-ish bands. BTW, stay tuned because i’m thinking of doing a post on Panic at the disco!
      Lol, i like pink and i don’t like it. Its okay :)
      I love leather, i need to get myself a leather skirt!
      Nail polish is great, what most people don’t realize is it is truly an accessory!

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