Super Bowl fashion

Hey girlies,

As most people know the super bowl is February, 5th. This year i’m pretty excited because one of my favorite teams, New England Patriots, are going! Yay! The other team is the New York Giants. Now, i’m not a big football person but i am going to be with family and friends to watch the game and i want to look spirited but fashionable. There are people like me, but there are those who are huge into football but also want to look cute.

For this reason i have created 4 fashionable yet spirited outfits. 2 include football spirit wear but are still fashionable and 2 are fashionable but still include the teams colors. Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Both are rather cheap and i tried to keep it under $100 dollars!

Outfit # 1- Football Fanatic, Patriots


Forever 21 thick beltSheer Lip GlossDark Blue Nail PolishMonsoon Mini Stripe Bow Alic

This outfit is a great example of how you can look cute while supporting your team. To begin i picked a typical women’s Patriots sweater and built the rest around that.  The jeans have a comfortable worn in feel because of the light wash and slight rips. Then i added some casual red sneakers in red. I also added a slim red belt and heart earrings both in one of the Patriots colors. The headband is cute and also in patriot colors. The bag adds to the all american feel and is great for carrying food or other things over to a friends house. The blue nail polish also adds spirit and then i just added simple lip gloss.

Total = 144.42, but if you pick your own jeans under $100

Outfit # 2- Fashionable Fan- Patriots

I really like this outfit because its fashionable all while including team colors. To begin i picked out a cute tailored blue dress and added a comfortable red cardi. That begins your 2 team colors. Then i picked out some cute springy flats but to keep warm added black tights and a blue hat which gives the look a french-y look or you could choose this spring-y flower headband. I also include a sleek black messenger bag. I then added a simple bird necklace, a lip gloss, and red nail polish.

Outfit # 3- Football Fan, Giants

new york giants

First i picked out a Giants jersey from PINK to start the outfit and added simple white skinny jeans which i like better than regular skinnies. This outfit is very simple so i added some black flats and a black scarf. To make the outfit have a bit more substance i added a hat and red bracelets along with red and blue polish which you can stripe on your nails.

Outfit #4- Fashionable fan, Giants

new york giants

UGG Australia short bootsWet Seal owl ringDorothy Perkins feather earringsH M crochet shawl

This is my favorite outfit because all the items are simple and can be worn other days too! First i picked out a cute striped blue skirt and fancy red top for the team colors. White in the skirt is also a team color. I also added a nice navy tank for under the top. Because it is still spring i added blue knee high socks and cute red uggs ( which i know are a lot but you could substitute for any red shoes). To make the outfit more fun i added a blue lacy scarf in a lighter blue some fashionable red feather earrings and a cute owl ring.


I hope you girlies liked this post! I had fun making it and i cant wait until Sunday to sport my new outfit ;) Did you like these outfits? How helpful were they? Which one was your fave.? Which team are you hoping wins?





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10 responses to “Super Bowl fashion

  1. janine

    OMG, my fave outfit is the Giants one! Even though I know less than nothing about football…LOL…maybe I’ll trade in the jersey for some other shirt LOL(:
    Also, minus the crackle polish, so sick of it. :( But the rest of the outfit is AMAZING! :)

    ex oh ex oh,
    less than three,

    • I like that one too! But i think i like the patriots one better :) Also i like how these outfits ( the 2 fashionable fan ones) could be worn for the fourth of july! lol.
      Hmm, have you ever heard of magnetic nail polish?
      Thanks for the comment janine!

  2. Alicia Rivera

    Super cuh-yoote outfits chicka! I have to say the fourth one is my favourite because its a mix between sporty and fashionable! Have fun ah-t the game chicka :)

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  3. Karen♥

    I like outfit # 1 the best, very ‘me’ haha.
    Cutest post chicka.
    xx Karen.

  4. Kaddie

    Hey Rain,
    I loved these outfits, such cute ideas! I personally like number 1 & 2 the best(: Wait, so you are going to Indianapolis [that’s where the Super Bowl is this year, right? Haha] to see it?! If so, that’s awesome! I’m really not a football fan either, but I would die to go to a game, haha.

    New post on my blog, check it out and comment? Thanks!

    • Hey kaddie,
      Thanks! Are you a giants or patriots fan? Or just which team are you rooting for?
      No :( Im just getting together at a friends house for food, watching the game, etc.
      I have been to some games but never the superbowl
      Sure thing!

  5. Cuh-yoote!!! I love how all of the outfits are sporty-chic. (:

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