Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day 2012 is almost here, and choosing a Valentine’s Day outfit can be almost as fun as celebrating Valentine’s Day itself. I’ve put together a few outfits to help inspire you! :)

Cheapest ($64.99):

This outfit includes a tank top from PacSun ($9.99), silver metallic jeans from JC Penney’s ($30.00), shoes from Urban Outfitters ($18.00), and a braided bracelet from Aeropostale ($7.00). It’s fun and comfortable with a loose shirt and laid-back tennisshoes, while bold with metallic jeans that are sure to make you stand out this Valentine’s Day!

Medium ($96.98):

This outfit includes a graphic tee from Rue 21 ($16.99), flared jeans from JC Penney’s ($30.00), pink tinted sunglasses from Rue 21 ($5.99), a necklace and earring set from JC Penney’s ($10.00), and shoes from Urban Outfitters ($34.00). This outfit is fresh and chic with flared jeans and Valentine’s Day themed sunglasses.

Costy (136.49):

This outfit includes a floral shirt from Aeropostale ($25.00), a skirt from American Eagle ($36.50), a flower ring from JC Penney’s ($12.00), a belt from Macy’s ($23.99), and shoes from Elder-Beerman ($39.99). This first-class outfit is classy and just dressed up enough for a winning Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading, comment, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!!
                                                                                           -Olivia xx



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8 responses to “Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

  1. Hey Olivia, great post! Very cute :)
    I loved the last outfit the best and how you found all items that were affordable, that way people can actually go and buy these things!
    Also say hello to our new writer PaintGlitter sometime!
    Oh, and do you have any idea when Mardi Gras is?

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  3. Kaddie

    Hey Olivia,
    Amazing post(: All those outfits are really cute! I especially love the silver metallic jeans and the second outfit, so cute!

  4. Alicia Rivera

    Super cuh-yoote valentine’s day outfits chicka :)

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  5. alpha4evaandeva

    I <3 these outfits!!! Please check out my blogs: and

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