Week of Stlye: Lily Collins

Hey everyone,
I just got my new Seventeen magazine for the month and noticed Lily Collins on it! ( In which she looked stunning). I had never heard much about her but after reading her  interview i realized how great of a role-model she is for young girls. Right away i knew i wanted to do a post on her, but what? I was also thinking about how people at school always wear the most basic things and how great it would be if people put in more effort to dress nicer. That is how i came up with this post. One whole week of outfits inspired by Lily Collins to help you mix up your style. I also tried to pick outfits with mostly basic pieces people have. Enjoy!


 Im really liking this outfit for spring because it is bright, which is just the thing i need for a monday school morning but at the same time is classy and sophisticated. The balanced layers of a short skirt and a blazer make it perfect for those months transferring into spring. To recreate this look yourself, pick out a basic blue mini or a mini in any bright color you have and a simple white t-shirt. Next add a blazer ( a piece every girl should own) and a fancy necklace to make the outfit more unique. For shoes just find some in a matching color to the skirt which really finishes the look. For school i would not reccomend heels like lily, but simple flats would do. In the end this look is great for a monday morning when you are tired and need to brighten your look.


This outfit is nice for a tuesday or when you have to give that school presentation. One piece everyone really needs for winter would be a plaid dress, its fun and trendy at the same time. A step up from the plain plaid flannel. A plaid dress in a neutral color works nice for winter so its not too overwhelming. Because it is still winter through on a staple black blazer and tight. To make sure the outfit its comfy choose some black flats instead of heels. Keep jewelry minimal.


This is a great Wednesday outfit, the day that you are calm and just want to be simple. This outfit is casual/comfy but still trendy. Taking a very trendy piece ( high-waisted jeans) add a embellished top in a neutral color, and dont forget to tuck it into the jeans. Adding some matching pointed black flats add more omph than regular flats. All together this is a very trendy and simple outfit!


This outfit of lily’s is rather grandma-ish but you can mix it up to create a cute prep-school-girl outfit for school. Of course you need a white button-down ( a long-sleeved one keeps you warm). Still using a plaid skirt choose one out in classic colors but choose a mini one instead of this un-flattering length. If you are very worried about being cold try out nylons in a matching skin color ( many people hate them, but they can be really great) Last add some loafers in a black instead of heels. Loafers give you the same old-school look lily has without looking like a grandma. Last add some cute jewelry :)


This outfit is great for winter and a casual/fun friday. All you need is a fitted mini, black tights, a plain t-shirt, leather jacket, and any type of booties you want ( they dont have to be open-toed like hers). As usual her jewelry is simple. The whole look is cute and can easily be switched to a friday night out outfit by switching the t-shirt for a sparkly or sequins tank and if you keep the tights wedge booties, or ditch the tights and choose a killer pair of heels


This outfit is cute and easy to through on for a afternoon shopping with your girls or a casual date. Choosing a trendy chambray dress give a spring vibe but a long blue blazer keeps you warm for winter, while the thin brown belt makes the outfit fitted and the simple flats pulls the whole look together.


Usually on sundays im going out with friends again or out with my boyfriend. This sleek, edgy outfit is great for a date. Just choose a  body-con dress in a bright color and add tights and heels. Together it looks bold but still great for winter. But one main part of this look is the sleek ponytail so dont forget that!


Did you like this post? Are you going to try any of these outfits? Would you like to see more posts like these? If so, who? Which outfit was your favorite?





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6 responses to “Week of Stlye: Lily Collins

  1. I just got my Seventeen today too! Haha. I love her Friday and Saturday outfits, sooo cute!

  2. OMG I got my 17 on Friday! :)
    Some of the pics don’t work, but otherwise, awesome post! :)

    • I love seventeen :)
      And they dont? They did when i last looked. Im so sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for letting me know, i will fix it and if you want to come back they should work
      And thanks!

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