E.L.F. review

Hey Everyone,

So far i have been doing all fashion posts so today i wanted to do a beauty post. Today i have a post for you on E.L.F. makeup products. I’m all about affordable makeup and beauty so it is only natural that i would include the cheapest makeup brand, ever i think. Many people think that because ELF is so cheap ( ranges from $1-$6) that their products have bad quality but actually, most of them have amazing quality. So, take a look and maybe by the end you will find a product you love!

Product #1 – All over color stick

Cost: $1

The elf color stick is claimed to be for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. I own this in 2 colors ( the ones above) and tried each of them for those 3 areas. Here are my results! I didn’t like the pink one as much as i liked the bronze. I hated the pink one on the eyes. It was sticky and too dark of a color for me. I also didn’t like the feel of it on my eyes. I also didn’t like it on my cheeks because it was hard to blend. Although it was decent on the lips, and i do use it for that. The bronze one seemed to be okay in all areas. I liked the eye color but again it was sticky, and on the cheeks it was hard to blend. It was okay on lips but i didn’t like the color. I would buy a different bronzer. I dont recommend this product.

Product # 2- ELF zit zapper


Cost: $ 1

I was very surprised with how well this product worked! Seeing as it was so cheap i didnt think it would work well. It is suppose to help reduce zits and help prevent them. I first put this on, on my way out the door. It went on pretty good and i love the fact that it has a roller ball and is great for travel. But it did smell bad. When i got home about 4 hours later the zit had noticeably gotten smaller. It was not as great as most spot treatments but was great for only a dollar.

Product # 3- ELF healthy glow bronzer


Cost: $1

This product was great and not so great. It was really soft and went on smoothly. It was also very pigmented but some people may not like how shimmery it is. The only reason i didnt like it was because it only came in 2 shades and i got the lightest but it was still too dark. I would not recommend this for anyone with fair skin. But if you have dark skin its a great bronzer!

Product # 4- ELF Golden Bronzer


Cost: $3

This is my all time favorite product by ELF.  Its a nice shimmery bronzer. Its a quad and when you swirl them together it give you a nice glow. Although again, Some may not like it because it is rather shimmery. It’s a great amount of product for 3 dollars and i really like the compact with the mirror that it comes in. I would recommend this to anyone with light skin ( only comes in one shade) only because i tried it out on my really tan sister and it looked white.

Product # 5- ELF tone correcting powder


Cost: $3

I adore this product! What it does is by mixing the 4 colors together it is supposed to give your skin a smooth, clear, flawless look, and it does! I like to think of it as a sort of primer. You can apply it to your skin before foundation like i do, or after. But either way it will even your skin tone. Help with redness and give it a clear look. I recommend this product to anyone. It lasts a great deal of time, and again comes in a cute compact.

Product # 6- ELF translucent matifying powder


Cost: $3

This is a rather good product but not my favorite. It is supposed to get rid of oil and make skin look nice and matte, lol. I applied this mid-day at school and it did make my skin matte and soak up oil. I also use it to make my foundation more matte after i apply it. Its very easy to bring to school and it even has a mirror and a sponge to apply the powder. My only con is i dont care so much for the color, because if you put on too much it can lok a little cake-y.

Product # 7-  Shimmery facial whip


Cost : $1

This is a great product that i use as a highlighter on my cheeks and in the inner corner of my eyes to make them look brighter.  It works nicely and is smooth and bendable. There is also a good amount of product. I use it just about everyday. The one thing that got rather annoying was it was a bit watery.

Product # 8- Hypershine lip gloss


Cost: $1

This product is a rather great lipgloss for only a dollar. They have nice colors that last a while and are very shiny. The shine also lasts really long. I feel like it makes my lips look fuller as well. The only con is that it feels a tad sticky.

Product # 9- Glitter Gloss



Cost: $ 3

This product is great :) I like it because i wanted to get that red lip look without actual red lipstick and i found this as a great alternative. It has a nice dark color and i like the sparkles. It even lasts a long time. The only problem is that it happens to be a bit sticky and does not have that good of a flavor :/

Product # 10- ELF total face brush


Cost: $ 1

If you are looking for a cheap brush i really recommend this one. Its fluffy, soft and is great for applying any powder all over your face. I use it for just about all face products but foundation and concealer. Most cheap brushes are very bad quality but i was surprised how well it worked. I would recommend it to anyone.

To go buy these products, check out your local target or their website- http://www.eyeslipsface.com/


I really enjoy your feedback on my posts because it helps me fit them better to you. What did you think of this post? Was it helpful? How relevant was it to you? Do you think you will buy any of these products? Do you like ELF products? Please take time to leave a short comment! It is really appreciated.

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And welcome our 2 new authors!





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2 responses to “E.L.F. review

  1. Kaddie

    Hey Rain,
    This was a really great post! I like some of ELF’s products, mainly because they’re so cheap and I don’t feel like splurging on big brands because I don’t really wear makeup besides mascara and some eyeliner. Anywayss, I have to agree on the bronzer, it is kind of too shimmery and all. And that big brush is really nice and soft and I love it :3

    • Hey Kaddie,
      Thanks for your comment :) I’m usually always trying to find the best drugstore deals because i hate spending like32 dollars on a small eye shadow or something. I was so excited when i found this brand, especially because most of their products are great.So, i really wanted to share them with people. I use my brush all the time, and the bronzer one :)

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