My top 8 favorite beauty products

I thought I would kick off blogging by sharing my top 8 favorite beauty products. I got this idea from Olivia. I am not trying to copy her. I just thought it was a very good idea. None of these products are the same. All except for 2 I believe are makeup related.

1) Aveeno Nourish+condition Leave in treatment

I love this product! I use it before I shower so my hair is easier to work with as well as after I shower for the leave in conditioner. It workds amazing<3

Next up

2) Almay misturizign/hydrating eye makeup remover pads

You should probably use 1 pad per eye, but I can get away with one. I absolutely adore this product. It is like my best friend<3. It honestly takes away all of your makeup, plus you can’t beat the price!

3) Maybelline Fit me foundation (powder)

This was my first foundation ever. This year I really starting grasping the basics of makeup, and I decided that I will repurchase this. It is amazing and is just a really nice product over all!

4) Covergirl lipslicks- in clear

I love this! It is like a chapstick in a lipstick formation. Its very very easy to bring anywhere, and since its clear you can re-apply without it looking like its over done.

5) Maybelline Color tattoo- Audacious Asphalt

This product is amazing. I feel like I am saying this about everything but they truly are. I use this practically everyday whether I am using it as a baste coat or alone it still works amazing. The thing I love most about it is that it doesnt crease and it doesnt smear! Definitely something too look into!

6) Tresemme Heat protectant

Life saver! Those are my words for this product. Without it I would have such damaged hair. This stuff saves my life!

7) Taylor swift wonderstruck Perfume

This stuff mells s good! I look up to Taylor Swift and so no matter what I was going to get this perfume! Of course I loved it! It smells soooo good! I don’t know how to descrie it. I am really bad at describing perfumes. LOL!

8) Maybelline coverstick concealer

Impulse buy.. Thats what this was. I wanted to try using a concealer and the price is what caught my attention. I ended up liking it though, so I may or may not try a new one.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first offical blog post! Please comment I would love to read and reply(:





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8 responses to “My top 8 favorite beauty products

  1. Love the post Ashley! Just wonderful :)
    There are so many of these products that i want to buy now! lol
    Glad to have you blogging! Cant wait to see more posts ;)
    P.S. im going to need your email so i can send you a private message :) Dont worry, its a good thing

  2. Lily

    Hello! I usually don’t wear much beauty products, but these look OK. xD
    Thank you Rain, for commenting on my blog. :3
    Nice post Ashley!

  3. OMFG, I just like to say my mom has the Maybelline foundation!!
    And I have Wonderstruck! It smells amazing. (:
    Such a cute blog. Could you check out mine? Thanks!


  4. Ashley

    Sorry for soo many typos!! I was typring this very fast!

  5. The TRESemmé is one thing I luh-v. Even though I heart Glisten shampoo.

    ♥ Alicia

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