Random Inspiration

Inspiration is all around me it seems like! I was searching the internet and I found these pictures and I saw outfits forming in my head. I hope you guys all get some inspiration like I did!

Inspiration 1:


I loved how the colors of the eye looked. Especially the bottom of the eye. I picked a basic black tank and black flats as the base of my outfit. Then i took a black skirt with a floral pattern like the inner part of the eye starting to bring out color. The pink cardigan is like the pink of at the bottom of the eye and along the lower lash line. The green handbag is for green eyeshadow. And of course, the silver necklace because I can’t resist sparkles. :) This outfit is much more of a girly outfit.

Inspiration 2:


I loved how they started with black and then added pops of color! So i started with basic black skinny jeans. Then i added a pink ruffled tank for the little bit of pink splatter in the top corner. The blue accessories are like the blue in the center of the picture: cute and wouldn’t be complete without! I also loved this gray jacket as a finishing piece and the black booties add a sexy touch. :) This is more of a dressier look.


Inspiration 3:


Who doesn’t love rain sometimes? I know I love it. I needed a basic gray dress to start off because every rainy day is gray. Then i really brought in the blue of the rain with the blue pumps. The blue studded purse makes the outfit edgy and the animal print feather earrings make it even more daring. This look is more of an edgy one. :)


I hope you liked it! Please comment with your opinions so I can make them even better!


Jennifer :)



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4 responses to “Random Inspiration

  1. I love the inspiration 1 eye makeup! :) I might actually try that some time. Bright colors seem to make my brown eyes pop.

  2. Loved this post! I love how you got inspiration from the simplest of pictures! I know i never would have thought of those. Great first post :)
    Just a hint, try making the polyvore outfits a larger size when you post them. That way they will be easier to see. I think the best size is large ( extra-large is too big), but medium works too :)

  3. This is REALLY cool! I loved the bubble outfit! it was really awesome!!:):)

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