10 Things to have in your closet

Hey ladies! I wanted to make a post about ten thingss you have to have in your closet. These are what I live off of. Enjoy! <3

10. Running Shoes

Every girl needs a pair. You never know when you need them. Maybe you’re going on a date and you need shoes or maybe you like to run. If you like to run, good for you becuase I don’t. :) haha.

9. Leather jacket

Leather jackets are great for everyday to formal. They make any look edgy and fun! I love my leather jacket.

8.  Boots

Any kind, any color, any style. Boots, boots, boots, boots! I love boots. I have about ten pairs of them alone! They’re all different and all amazing! They go with anything.

7. Scarf

I love scarves! They make any outfit classy and adorable! They are amazing and I love them!

6. Cardigan

You all know them. I love them. They keep you warm and cute at the same time. Amazing how that works. :)

5. Skinny jeans

Every girl needs a pair of skinny jeans. They are great to tuck into boots and to make you feel sexy.

4. Ruffle Skirt

Cute and easy, ruffles skirts are great. Whether its for an event or for school, you gotta have a ruffle skirt.

3.Thick black belt

These are amazing for emphasizing your waist. I wear one with skirts and different shirts all the time.

2. Oversized-shirt

I live in these! They are so comfy and easy to wear. Add a scarf to them and it looks even cuter.

1. A sexy dress

It doesn’t matter what kind. Short, medium, long, whatever floats your boat. Evey girl needs a sexy dress for something.

What do you think? Comments? Thoughts? Let me know so I can improve! Hope you all enjoyed it!





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11 responses to “10 Things to have in your closet

  1. Wow, Jennifer i absolutely adored this post! Great job :) I own all this stuff and i totally agree. The only thing i don’t own is tennis shoes ( well besides my converse and vans) but i really think i should get a pair..hmmm :/
    Again, great post :) I love how your posts are simple but at the same time include great information. Sometimes i feel like mine have way too much info. lol

  2. Kaddie

    Hey Jennifer,
    Great post! I have basically everything besides the ruffle skirt, since I’m not a skirt wearer, and the thick black belt..I’m not really a belt wearer either, haha. (:
    It would mean a lot of i you could drop by my blog and leave a comment please, thanks(:

  3. Ashley

    Oh my gosh Jennifer! I love this post! You have a gift for this! I only own about half of this stuff<3 You are such an amazing blogger<3

  4. This was sooo awesome!! I definatly need to buy a leather jacket!

  5. Really great post. I love that ruffle skirt. demmydaily.blogspot.com

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