3 of my favorite hair products:)

So, with all the heat us girls or guys use on our hair, split ends are an everyday thing….and nobody wants that. Sooo thats where a split end mender comes in:) This is the Bed Head TIGI Ego Boost- it is a leave in conditioner/ split end mender and it works soo well. It makes your hair soo soft without making it greasy looking what so ever, and it smells sooo good:)









This is also a wonderful product and I’m sure many of you have seen/heard of this so I won’t go into detail. Basically this is just a heat protectant that   will protect your hair from any heat styling products and it leaves your hair soft and shiny which is a plus:)






This product is absolutly my favorite out of all of these. It is the Moraccan Oil The Original. This is an oil for your hair to tame frizz, and shine, and leave your hair feeling silky smooth. While the price is a bit higher, it lasts FOREVER! Me and my mom share a bottle and it lasts us about 6-8 months depending on how much we do our hair. Such a wonderful product:)

Well I hope you guys liked the post! I reccomend all these products and I use each one of these products on my hair all year round! And while the Moraccan Oil is a little on the high end the other two are very moderatly priced:)XOXOXO



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5 responses to “3 of my favorite hair products:)

  1. love this post, paint glitter! I really want the Moroccan hair oil, and i think i will try the bed head stuff. I have the hate tamer already ;)

  2. livelaughfashion

    Awesome post! I am definitely trying that Moroccan oil! I have the heat tamer and I love it! :)

  3. kristengregoryxoxo

    I really want the moraccan oil because I’ve heard some really cool things about it!!! I love the bedhead when you just have a crazy morning, but I’ve never really tried Treseme…


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