New ways to wear trends

Hey ladies! I thought it would be cool to find a couple new trends and give you all some ideas on how to wear them and make them your own. Each one will have an everyday look and a going out look. Enjoy :)

Trend 1: emphasizing the waist

This trend is huge right now! I love it but it’s so hard to make it an everyday look….not anymore! Here’s what I suggest:

A simple straight leg jean starts off any outfit well. Then I picked a blue tunic with a black belt to help emphasis your natural waist which is a little higher than what you consider your waist. The pink flats will look great with this outfit and you can get all your stuff into the brown fringe bag.

For night:

I chose a simple black high-waisted skirt that will emphasis your waist so well! Then I paired it with a coral green sweater and edgy accessories that are perfect for going out!

Trend 2: Hats

I love hats! They keep my head warm in the cold winter months! Here’s what I suggest for day:

I thought these jeans with a little flare add a ’70’s edge to the outfit. The lace top adds to that too. I chose to hats so you could see how the outfit can vary. The pink fedora gives it a full ’70’s chic look where the blue beanie goes more skater. The grayish boots top off the look perfectly.

For night:

So, I LOVE this dress. I want it with a burning passion, haha. Anywayz, I paired it with a simple black fedora so you don’t take away from the ruffles. Then I added a cute purple clutch and amazing sparkly shoes to top off the look.

Trend 3: Trench Coat

Okay, so this look is good for day and hight because of the styling of it. I think it’s more day but it can easily transition into night.

I like picking one thing in the outfit to focus on. In this case, I picked the coral trench coat. I kept it simple with brown corduroys and a gray tee-type shirt. Then i added a fun nude leather bag and sparkles.


Comment? Thoughts? Let me know so I can make these better! Love you all!


Jennifer <3



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2 responses to “New ways to wear trends

  1. loved this post! I like how you did outfits for both day and night. Im in love with the first 2 outfits and i really like the dress in the fourth one!

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