Winter Fashion

Winter Outfit

So, since it is blizzarding where I live I thought it would be appropriate to do a winter fashion post:) I would say this outfit has a whole miz of different styles in it!

Startig off, we have a nice pair of dark wash skinny jeans with a basic white tee. For shoes, they are a pair of emu boots with three buttons going along the side rather than just your average joe pair of uggs/emus/bearpaws ect. Then I added a leather jacket because those are really nice in the winter and look totally chic. To finish things off, I added a warm scarf( color wise and heat  wise ) and warm colored jewlery to keep the warm color scheme we have going:) I think the jewlery is sooo cute, especially the horse ring! I just though that was sooo adorable! And the really pretty charm braclet!

Hope you girlies liked my winter fashion outfit!




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13 responses to “Winter Fashion

  1. I did lu-v your post :) I like the horse ring too! NOT blizzarding ova here! We barely had a winter!

  2. Kaddie

    That is such an adorable outfit! I’d so wear that to school<33

  3. Cute outfit! I would definitely wear this! Its blizzarding where i live too! which sucks because we didnt really have any winter :)

  4. Love the Blog girlys ,
    Dont forget too check out mine
    Massieblock ..

  5. Ashley

    Loved it! I woild so wear that! Where I live we had a major snow storm at the end of Jan. then it warmed up to like the 60’s and then we got like an inch of snow yesterday…

  6. I really like this! It’s also blizzarding where I live and I’m not allowed to drive in snow :( But anyway, great outfit ;)

  7. -M.

    I totes luhv the leather jacket, soo chic. :)

    Au Revoir,

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