Valentines Day Gift Guide


Hey everyone,

Valentines day is nearly here and there are people all over who have no idea what to buy as gifts for valentines day! Today i made this hopefully helpful guide to help you find that perfect gift. Something besides just a Teddy Bear and Chocolates. Enjoy!

For Your Guy


Benton Cologne

Try buying him his favorite cologne or one that you have always wanted him to wear. Guys like to smell nice but hate shopping so this is a great gift for your guy! Colognes can be expensive but if you check out your local mall your sure to find ones for a greater price, like this one from Aeropostale that’s only $20.00!

A lot of my guy friends like to have that cool feel and are always looking for “cool swag” shoes and sunglasses, but they hate to shop, so do it for them! They will for sure love it.

Microtec Plush Blanket

A blanket is a perfect gift for a guy or a girl. It’s nice and cozy and you can cuddle under it. Also if you spray it lightly with their perfume they will think of you when they use it.

Croft and Barrow Geometric Lounge Pants

PJ’s are a great idea for your boyfriend. It’s a kind idea and whenever he wears them he will think of you.

If you have more money to spend on your guy try purchasing him some tickets to his fave. band’s concert or to a game of his fave. sports team. I’m sure he will be over-joyed.

There is no doubt in my mind that guys love food. So what better way to get to his heart than through his stomach? Buy him a gift card to his favorite fast food place.  Then maybe he will even take you to dinner or lunch.

It’s no lie that boys love video games. If yours is one who is obsessed and if you have more money to spend a video game is a perfect gift. Then when you buy it for him, don’t be shy and offer to play with him, he will be sure to love you ;)

If you just have a crush this Valentines day try just making him some cookies. He will love that you thought of him, and the fact that you home made them will be even better. You can even attach a cute note.

Music is another thing guys love so why not settle his craving by buying him an i-tunes gift card or making him a CD with songs.

If you and your boyfriend have been dating for a while why not get him a picture frame with a picture of a memory you 2 had. It’s sweet and something that of course will make him think of you.

No matter how much you want to watch a romantic movie and cuddle with your boyfriend on Valentines, it’s just not bound to happen, unless you have a romantic boyfriend. So why not make him happy and buy him his favorite scary movie. It may not be as great as a romance movie but at least this way you can still cuddle on the scary parts :)

Another option for your music lover boyfriend would be music speakers! Thoughtful yet fun.

Dog tags can be a cute gift for a boyfriend that you have not been dating long. You can even put something thoughtful and sweet on them.

Got a technology guy? Buy him a gift card to the app store so he can get tons of fun apps!

If you have a boyfriend who is a bit more stylish and you have quite a bit money to spend on him, purchase him a nice watch. That way you can always be sure that he will never be late to dates ;)

I know some guys that love tea and coffee, satisfy his taste buds and buy him some tea or coffee mix. Tazo is a great brand but it is a little expensive.

Again for a music lover, you can buy him some headphones. But they are rather expensive.

Again, and last but not least, if you have a sensitive boyfriend, he is the perfect guy to get  a teddy bear :)


What did you think? I know this is rather late for Valentines day, but hopefully it will help you out if you are struggling to find a last minute gift for your boyfriend. Let me know what you think in the comments below!




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12 responses to “Valentines Day Gift Guide

  1. i wish i knew this last v day when i had a boyfriend!! now im single :/ ..great ideas xx

  2. Although i have made cookies for a bf in the past and that’s my fav idea ever. thoughtful and yummy!

  3. livelaughfashion

    These are great ideas! I really needed some for my almost boyfriend. Thanks!

  4. Hey R (:
    These ideas are great.
    I’m currently single this Valentine’s Day, but at least I’ll know what you get my boyfriend if I have one next Valentine’s Day.
    New post (:


  5. kristengregoryxoxo

    Even though Im single right now, I’ll know what to get him in a few years for V-Days or bdays. Actually some of those things, I might like. I would love cookies, a teddy bear, or the perfume…


  6. paintglitter

    While i am single, if i had a boyfriend id definatly get him one of these!!
    This is a really great post!!:):)

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