Fabulous Fitness!

Alright so I’m going to be doing a fitness series, hopefully I’ll get up one fitness post a week and then we’ll just see where the wind takes us(lol is tht even a saying??)

So today, im doing a  post about fitness fashion! So normally when I workout, I just wear an old T-shirt and a pair of my soccer shorts, but it is always fun, and always makes me want to work out more when I have a cute outfit to wear. Soooooo, that is what this post is! A workout outfit!!!:)


So basically, this outfit is exactly what you see, I just kept the turquoise and black theme but you can do whatever scheme you want or none at all!

You want to be prepared weather wise when your running which is why there are pants and a sweatshirt, gloves(touch screen friendly) and a hat and shorts and a t-shirt. You also want to make sure you get a good pair of running or workout shoes because you don’t want to get knee or ankle damage. And I like to run with my ipod but that is optional.

Well I hope you guys liked this post, and Im SUPPERR excited for the next one!:)





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8 responses to “Fabulous Fitness!

  1. I think this is a great series and i cant wait to see more!
    I really liked this post and i think it’s a great workout outfit. I am always looking for more work out outfits

  2. livelaughfashion

    I love this post! I can’t wait to see more! I really need tips for fitness so I’m defs gonna look at these again :)

  3. Hey R (:
    Wonderful series, I would love to see more.
    The workout outfit is simply perfect. It’s not too casual, yet not too dressed up.
    I like to listen to my iPod as I run as well.


    • Hey Massie, Just to clear up any confusion you may be having, not sure.
      This blog is made up of a group of authors. Not just me, but i believe im the only one who comments on your blog
      Anyways, Paint Glitter posted this and i didnt want her to think i took any credit because you said Hey R.
      But dont worry, no problem! Just a mistake :) Love your blog girlie!

  4. Kaddie

    Hey girly,
    I love the post and the Polyvore! That’s a really cute work-out outfit, and I actually own those exact pair of Nike tennis shoes for my PE class!

    Could you check out my new post and leave a comment, please? Thanks(:

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