5 Healthy Snacks


Hey everyone,

In today’s world it can be really hard to eat healthy with all the junk food. I know that even i struggle with eating right. Not really with meals but with snacks. So today i  put together a little snack guide listing 5 of my favorite snacks. All these items can be found at your local super market. And check out my Life blog? http://singingintheerain.wordpress.com

Snack # 1- Pita Chips

Pita Chips are one of my favorite snacks and they are ten times healthier than potato chips. I really like their flavor because i’m not a total fan of crackers but these don’t taste like them at all. They sort of taste like Bagel chips. I really like the cinnamon ones because it gives them more flavor.

Snack # 2- 100 calorie snacks

100 Calorie snacks are great snacks and of course only 100 calories.  There are cracker packs and cookie packs and a re great replacements for your favorite snacks. Plus they can transport easy and are fairly priced.

Snack # 3- Skinny Cow snacks

I can’t express my love for Skinny Cow products enough! I adore them. They are basically a replacement to my deserts and my candy bars. They have any amazing chocolate sweet flavor to replace sweet treats. They are not as healthy as some healthy snacks but still have a fairly low amount of calories compared to most sweets. My personal favorites are the Dreamy Clusters

Snack # 4- Special K Bars

So these are like my everyday breakfast. I live on them, literally.  They have such an god strawberry flavor and are the best granola bars i have ever had. So sweet yet healthy for you. They even make them in Chocolate. Only down side is they can be rather pricey.

 Snack # 5- Apples and Peanut Butter

Okay, so this is probably one of my favorite after school snacks that i eat all the time and probably one of the healthiest because it is not packaged. It mixes fruits and protein.  Just cut up an apple, spread peanut butter inside and add raisins if you want. I also like to add cinnamon to mine. This is an amazing healthy snack.

Extra Snack- Kemps Frozen Yogurt

This was a little desert extra that i added. It is a substitute to ice cream and to be honest i like frozen yogurt better than ice cream. It is a delicious desert snack that is healthy for you. The Kemps brand is one of my favorite because it is only a dollar and comes with a decent amount inside. I pick these up all the time when i’m at the super market. There are many flavors like different fruits and vanilla but strawberry is my favorite. They all also come with fresh frozen fruit inside and some even come with granola. I really suggest trying these!


Have you ever tried any of these? What were your thoughts? Do you think you will try any? What are your favorite healthy snacks? What other types of posts do you want to see? Would you like to see more like this? Leave a comment below, we love feed back!

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6 responses to “5 Healthy Snacks

  1. Emily Essig

    My favorite is snack 5! I just made it and it, it is soooo good! I luh-v ur theme! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  2. Those snacks look ah-mazing! I’ve had Apples&Peanut Butter before and it is ah-mazing! Whenever I’m craving a healthy snack i’ll just take some of that. Great post!

    <3 Leesh <3

  3. Kaddie

    lol it’s really late, but seeing all these different foods are making me hungry! I love the 100 calorie packs and special K bars, but I really want to try the Pita chips and Skinny cow snacks, they look SO good!

    New post, check it out and comment? Thanks(:

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