Simple hair styles

If any of you are like me, we all love to sleep in the morning and not get up until we have to. That means that I hate spending time on my hair in the morning but I love looking nice. So, I found some cute easy five-ten minutes hairstyles that will make you morning much easier!

Number 1: Fishtail braid

Okay, so I just learned how to fishtail braid and I love it. It’s so simple and easy and cute! I’m not good at explaining it but you essential do this:

Separate your hair into two sections. Take a piece of hair from the bottom of one section and bring it across to the other section. then repeat that step for the other section of hair. It ends up looking like this:

2: Beachy waves

These take me about ten minutes to do in the morning and that is the most I will spend on my hair. Plus, you don’t have to use any heat on your hair!

All you do:

First, make sure you’re hair is damp but not soaking wet. Then you take either Granier Fructis Surf Hair or Aussie Sprunch and apply to your hair. Then scrunch our hair and twist some sections around your fingers and then you have those beachy waves. The end result is this:

3: half-up

If you start straightening your hair and then you gotta go, pull the rest of it up with bobby pins or a ponytail holder. You can add little details to it too! It’s so simple and cute!


Comments? Thoughts? Let me know! Hope all you ladies enjoy and found cute new hairstyles!





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9 responses to “Simple hair styles

  1. Hey! These hairstyles are amazing. I love fish tail braids!! I made a new blog at Come check it out? Thanks!

  2. Kaddie

    I love the hairstyles! The fishtail braid and beachy waves are definitely my favorite! I take a little too long to do the fishtail braid though, so it’s not my most go-to hairstyle.

    Could you check out my newest post and leave a comment, please? Thanks(:

  3. I love the half up hairstyle. Please check out my blog at

  4. I heart the styles! I love her better with straight hair x4!

    ♥ Alicia

  5. Great post :) I love all these hair styles, especially the fishtail braid!

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