Fun Fitness!! Cardio:)

So yea i know the title is realllly cheesy….lol. Anyways, sorry I’ve been gone so long, i went on a little get away with my friends to Mall of America, so a haul from that will be up soon, but today Im continuing my fitness series. Todays post is different exersises that are fun to do that are really easy as well.

So, the first one is to jump rope:) I’ve been doing this on the days when I don’t have soccer which is two days a week. I do it for about a half and hour, and mix in some strength and I’m good to go! Jump roping is a great and easy way to get exersise in to your day if you don’t have much time because you can even do it when you watch tv!

Next, we’ve got hula hooping! Now this is my absolute favorite:) I have a 3 pound hula hoop, and it is sooo fun. I usually do it while watching tv or something because it is sooo easy to do, and keeps your heart rate up! Hula hooping is also a great way to tone your waist! Dependeing on how fast you move your hips is what the outcome will be, I suggest intervals of fast and slow:)

Okay, hopefully up this week will just be a cardio post with cardio that isn’t necessarily fun, but can be enjoyable:) Also I’ve got some fashion, hair, and makeup posts coming up soon so keep an eye out for those:)

Hope ya enjoyed:) XOXO



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8 responses to “Fun Fitness!! Cardio:)

  1. Hey, Paint Glitter, Love Mall of america :)

    Great post, for cardio i usually just do running but i think i will for sure try these :)

  2. livelaughfashion

    I can’t wait to try hula hooping! I love mall of America too! Can’t wait to see your haul from that!
    Xoxo, jennifer

  3. I will definitely try this! I love to jump rope and I LOVE hula hooping. I’m really good at it too, once I won a contest we had in our class, so this will DEFINITELY be good for me!

  4. Ashley

    Mall of America is amazing! <3 cant wait to try some of these! great post!

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