My Top 5 Favorite Ways to Excersize

I’m one of those unlucky girls with a slow metabolism and zero motivation to get my butt off my couch and away from my laptop. I have to push myself to stay in shape, so I’ve come up with my favorite ways to make excersizing less of a chore.

#1 Dancing

I started taking dance classes when I was 3, and even though I quit classes when I started high school several years ago, I still LOVE to do it. I put music on in my room and come up with my own dances. Next time I look at the clock, an hour’s already gone by. If you’re not experienced, there are tons of tutorials on youtube to teach you simple dances. Daddywongproductions is my favorite. Or you can just put music on and dance around in no particular order, but I find it harder to do this for any real amount of time. If you can, kudos to you!

#2 Hide-and-Seek tag

It may sound silly, but I’m almost 17 years old and me and my friends have the best time playing this! I have a friend with a huge amount of property, partly covered in woods and we play for hours. By the time we go inside, I’m sweating and very much excersized.

#3 Walking your dog/ with a friend 

Your dog with love you for it. If you don’t have a dog, grab a friend. Instead of having a long conversation on the couch, why not go for a walk, or even a jog? Especially if its a nice day, it’ll be a good time.

#4 Jump roping

Jump roping. Remember that? When you were little you did it for fun. Now it can be used as an awesome excersize method. See if you can still remember those songs like ‘Cinderella, dressed in yellow’ or challenge yourself to learn double dutch.

#5 Casual game of basketball

I’m sure you have at least one friend with a basketball hoop in there driveway. If not, go to the park. You can also try tennis or softball or any other sport. It’ll give you excersize, it’ll be quality time with your friends, and it’ll be fun.


Thanks for reading.
                                    -Olivia xx

“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body.”



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2 responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Ways to Excersize

  1. livelaughfashion

    Haha I exactly like you too! I’ll have to try some of these tips! Awesome post!

  2. This was great! I really think im going to try a dance tutorial :)

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