Beauty Haul! ( All drugstore)


Hey everyone,

This past weekend i did a lot of shopping. So today i thought i would show you what i bought and tell you my short opinion. If you want a longer review of any thing tell me in the comments below. Enjoy!

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


I was at the store looking for a foundation and this one happened to be the cheapest and i heard good things about it. So i bought it and i was very easy to find my shade. ( I have light beige skin and im 120). I have been using it and its very smooth, light, good-coverage, lasts all day and very bendable and easy to use.

Revlon super lustrous Lip Gloss

My sister actually got this for me 1 week ago but i thought i would talk about it because i love it so much and use it all the time. I was skeptical about Lavender color but it’s very sheer, pretty, lasts all day, shiny and not sticky at all. I plan to get another one in hot pink.

Olay oil-minimizing toner

I have only ever had a toner once in my life a long time ago but i thought i would buy one again, and i’m glad i did. It is supposed to clean extra missed dirt. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh and does not smell like chemicals at all. I like this one and i don’t think i will ever try another, lol.

Bath and Body Works Apple Blossom Citrus Body Scrub

I was at an outlet mall and i always go to the Bath and Body Works there. I found this scrub and fell in love. It smells so fruity and fresh and i did really need a new body scrub.

Bath and Body Works Aruba Coconut lotion

I’m not really a big fan of coconut but when i smelt this it reminded me so much of summer so i just impulse bought. I love their lotions. Yum.

Bath and Body Works Peach Citrus Face Mask


 I just used up my old mask and i decided i wanted a new one. I smelt it and liked it. Also it makes my skin really smooth and silky after and dries quickly and is not messy at all.

Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Concealer

I’m always trying new products and the concealer i have now is almost gone. i was going to get the Fit Me one but this one was cheaper and had more product. It actually has good coverage and sticks well and lasts for a while.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub


At the moment i use a Burts Bees scrub but everyone talks about this one so i thought i would try it. It does smell and work great. Very glad i bought it.

Suave Professionals Anti-Frizz Cream

I have so many anti-frizz creams but i love them and so i bought this cheap one. I’m so much in love! It makes me feel like i got a salon blow-out and i recommend it to everyone.

Skin Milk Facial Moisturizer

While i was shopping i saw this was only $1 and i couldn’t believe it! It smells like delicious vanilla ice cream. I also tested it on my skin and it’s so amazingly soft. I recommend it for sure. And for only one dollar, what’s the waste?

Wet n Wild Blush in Mellow Wine

 I was at Walgreens with my sister and while i was browsing i saw this blush and i remembered hearing about it in a Seventeen magazine. Of course i couldn’t resist. It’s very pigmented and the texture is very smooth and apply’s easy.

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne spot Treatment

My old spot treatment was discontinued and i heard so much about this one. It does work very well and visibly made my oncoming zit a lot smaller and not noticeable. I love it.


So, i know this was a pretty long haul but i hope you liked it and it gave you some ideas. Let me know what you think of these products.




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8 responses to “Beauty Haul! ( All drugstore)

  1. Ashley

    I will try some of these out for sure!(: Thanks for posting a haul, I always think they are one of the best ways to give recomendations(:

  2. paintglitter

    This was a reallly great post! drugstore items are bosss!! lol

  3. makeupl0ver97

    I am deffinately picking some of these up! great post girl! <3

  4. emily

    hey! this is theshorttemily off of the seventeen site. i checked it out and its honestly really good, better than i wouldve thought! i think imma use some of your tips, ecspecially the lauren conrad hairstyles!(:

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