Make your own lip scrub! <3



*Pick one of these!

  * Pick one of these!

 *Must use sugar! :)

Super easy and exfoliates your lips ah-mazingly! First you will need something of thick consistency. For example, honey, caramel, and I even used the left over part of my EOS. I scraped it out. Ok so let’s say you decided to use caramel. First in a little container. You can use anything to put this in. I usually only make enough for one use so you can do it on a plate. But if you are planning to save some for next time, find a little container to store it in. So you put a small amount of caramel on a plate (use whatever you want I’m using this just so I can explain this.) next you take the same amount of caramel and add that amount of sugar. So you end up with equal parts caramel and sugar. Then mix it together and rub all over your lips. You can choose to lick it off or wash it off. Then apply a light lip balm and your lips should be super exfoliated!! Enjoy your soft soft lips!:)

Kirsten<3 oxoxo


Went to the mall and saw the Vow<3

By the way the Vow was amazing! If you get the chance go see it!:)



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6 responses to “Make your own lip scrub! <3

  1. Ashley

    I cant wait to try this!!!! (:
    Great post!

  2. This is really cool! Thanks for posting it! :)
    -Olivia xx

  3. This was great Kristen! I can’t wait to try this :)

  4. makeupl0ver97

    glad ya’ll liked it:)

  5. paintglitter

    Niice post!!:)

  6. I will definitely try this! :)

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