How to Start Preparing for Summer

Yes, I know that it’s only February. But I LOVE Summer. My whole year revolves around it. I’m on the swim team and I hang out at the pool constantly! It’s the only time I get to see a lot of my friends who don’t go to my school and we have the BEST times! I have 89 days left until my last day of school, May 25. I’ve literally been counting down since the 180’s.

This summer’s also important to me because, being a Junior, this is the last summer I’ll ever have where I can look forward to going back to high school. The summer after this it’ll be all college preparation. Soooo, here’s how you can start getting ready for Summer… in Winter.

#1 Getting in shape

Almost everyone gains a few pounds over the Winter after the holidays and bad weather. Even if you don’t start a hard-core work out, a few crunches every day will help you get your bikini body. Or you can look at my post about fun ways to get in shape :)

#2 Lotion

I put lotion on my skin every morning and night anyway, but if you don’t, you can start now to have your skin soft and radiant by summer.

#3 Tanning

Not everyone likes tanning, but some people do, so I thought I’d put it on here. If you don’t already go to a tanning bed, you’ll have to work into it slowly, so it wouldn’t hurt to start now. Personally, I just wait until Spring and start laying out in the sun to get a natural tan. It’s still not great for your skin, but its what I do. You can buy sun screen that has a low spf level and still lets you tan.

#4 Picking out your bathing suit

I know its a little early for this one because most stores haven’t even put them out yet, but everytime I go shopping, I walk past the bathing suits to start getting ideas for what kind I want this year.

#5 Shaving/ tweezing

A lot of people think this is gross, but I don’t shave my legs very often in the winter unless I know people are going to be seeing my legs. I always wear jeans or sweat pants because here in Ohio it gets pretty cold, much too cold to be wearing shorts at least. But in the beginning of Spring time I start shaving my legs again so they’ll be soft for summer.
I think the tweezing part is just something I do, but I always tweeze my eyebrows a little thinner in the summer. So I start doing that in the spring also to get my eyebrows ready for it.

Thanks for reading! Comment and let me know what you think! :)
                                                -Olivia xx


“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”



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5 responses to “How to Start Preparing for Summer

  1. Great post :) I cant wait for summer!

  2. paintglitter

    This post makes me soo excited for summer!! lol
    I love it:):)

  3. Kaddie

    Hey Olivia,
    Ahh I love this post so much! I’ve been so ready for summer to come back around since school started! All of these tips are perfect and are making me more energized and wanting to get ready faster, haha. (:

  4. livelaughfashion

    i love summer too! Great advice! I cant wait to get started!

  5. Thanks everyone! :) I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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