Lauren Conrad’s Hair Styles (Part 1)


Hey Everyone,

I’m sure most people know who Lauren Conrad is, correct? Well over the years Lauren starred on a reality TV show called The Hills and now has pretty much become a teen idol. Girls look to her for casual style, neutral makeup, and of course hair inspiration. She is practically famous for creating the side braided bangs. Today i’m going to show you how to achieve some of her hairstyles that are easy for on-the go or casual for school. Enjoy!

Want more of Lauren Conrad?

– Check out her STYLE book

– Check out her wonderful novels about girls on a reality TV show

– Her website:

– Her Beauty Website:

– Follow her on Twitter:!/laurenconrad

– Check out her  LC clothing line at Kohls

Hair Style # 1- Curled half-back

This hairstyle is one that i like because it is simple yet fancy. It could easily be worn for school and than a date.

What you need:

lauren conrad hair essentials

First off, your going to need a curling iron for sure. Preferably a large barrel one.
Your also going to need heat protector spray to keep your hair healthy
I also like to use Moroccan Argan oil to tame frizz
Also curl gel and hairspray to help curls stay
A teasing comb and bobby pins


1. After washing hair  apply a small amount of Moroccan oil to finger tips and run them through your hair, avoiding roots. Than let it air dry or apply the heat tamer and blow dry.

2. When your hair is completely dry apply a heat tamer and brush it through hair. Than lightly spritz a curling gel through hair avoiding the top of your head.

3. Taking the curling iron curl al of your hair except for the top. You can also lightly curl your bangs if desired.

4. Run fingers lightly through hair to break up curls but don’t smush them.  Spray an even amount of hairspray throughout curls, to help them stay.

5. Now that your hair is curled your going to need to use the teasing comb to lightly tease the crown of your hair for more volume.

6. Lightly brush the teased area so it looks decent but don’t undo the teasing.

7. Starting a bit above your ears take the desired amount of hair and pull it to the back of your head in a half-back. Use bobby pins to pin the hair in place

8. Last, spritz entire head with hairspray. Also you can pull some bangs loose if you would like.

Hair Style # 2- Straight and Sleek

This look is polished and super simple. It looks nice for school.


lauren conrad hair

Of course your going to need a hair straightener (even if you have straight hair) It makes it smoother
And a de-frizzing Blow Dryer as well as heat tamer spray as always
A Deep conditioner will make it soft and a shine spray will tame frizz and make it shiny
The Spray on the left was just something i thought was cool but NOT needed. It’s hair perfume :)
And than any type of hair accessories will do. I like bobby pin bows.


1. After washing your hair apply a deep conditioner instead of a regular one.

2. After washing and conditioning is done, apply a heat tamer to wet hair and blow dry using this one with a diffuser on roots to tame frizz.

3. After hair is dry you can apply more heat tamer if you want, and use a straightener to straighten hair. Make sure to get layers under-neath as well.

4. After straightening, you can lightly brush it ( you don’t want to create frizz). Then holding the spray about 6 inches from your head lightly mist the top of hair with shine spray.

5. Last just use regular or fun bobby pin to pin back bangs like Lauren did, or instead you could add a headband. And if desired use a hair perfume ;)

Hair Style # 3- Sleek low Ponytail

This is a great everyday look because again it’s easy and out of your face.


lauren conrad hair
For this one a straighter is optional if your hair is straight already.
Either a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz cream
Again a shine spray
A ponytail holder in your hair color
A heat protector if your going to use a straightener
and a brush of course
1. After your hair is washed and brushed ( with a wide-tooth comb) apply either a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz cream to hair to help make is smooth. Make sure to only use a small dollop and don’t apply to top of head because it will weigh it down.
2. Straighten hair if desired but don’t forget to spray on the heat protector!
3. Brush out hair so it’s smooth and brush/gather it into a low ponytail at the nape of neck. When brushing make sure not to brush the top of your head if you want the part to continue showing. Secure ponytail with a hair band in your hair color, but leave a smal strand out.
4. Taking the strand you left out wrap it around the ponytail holder to hide it. When completely wrapped, secure it behind the ponytail with a small bobby pin.
5. Last lightly mist top of hair with a shine spray holding it 6 inches from head.


Was the post too long? Were these hair guide help-ful? Are you planning on trying any? Which hair style is your favorite? Let me know what you think in the comment below so i can better direct my posts to you readers :)

Also keep watching for Part 2 of Lauren’s Hair styles!




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6 responses to “Lauren Conrad’s Hair Styles (Part 1)

  1. paintglitter

    OMG!! I love Lauren Conrad! I am totally going to try out these hairstyles!:)
    Great Post!

  2. Kaddie

    Hey Rain,
    I absolutely LOVE this post! Lauren Conrad is one of the most perfect style icons and role models to have because she isn’t like some young celebs who wear trashy and revealing clothing and she just seems so real.
    I love all the looks, but I’d say the first and second ones have to be my favorites. (:

    • Thanks kaddie :) Im glad you like it! I agree with you, she is very great for a role model. Im probably going to do a post on her fashion and another on her hair.I really like the first one :)

  3. livelaughfashion

    i heart LC!!! awesome post! I cant wait to try out these hairstlyes
    love ya!

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