Song Inspired- Dear John by Taylor Swift

Dear John

This outfit is inspired by Taylor Swift’s song, Dear John. I think it is a really great song, and it when i listen to it I always get a really country vision in my head lol:) In this outfit I did my best to convey the thoughts in my head into an outfit; I think it worked out pretty well!:)

I, for one, would defiantly wear something like this! and I’m really tempted to buy this outfit….haha:)

Okay, for the bottom of the outfit- the skirt is from Hollister (Fletcher Cove- chambray). This is just a denim, old-time country looking skirt and I think it is absolutely adorable! For shoes, they are just sperrys.  And finally, the belt is from Zara, it is just a basic tan belt:)

For the top, the shirt is just a basic white t-shirt:) I think it gives a really soft, innocent look which is what the song reminds me of:) And finally, the bracelet is a tan leather band bracelet from Mulberry but there are plenty of dupes out there:)

Well I hope you guys like this outfit, and listen to the song! It’s a really pretty song:)


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2 responses to “Song Inspired- Dear John by Taylor Swift

  1. I love this outfit so much! Its something i would wear for sure and i really want the outfit :)

  2. paintglitter

    Me too!!!! lol:):)

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