Take a stand against bullying


Hey everyone,

Besides just fashion and beauty i also want to talk about issues that we as teens face. Today i want to talk about bullying .

Bullying is not some thing to be taken lightly. It happens all over these days and is so common in high schools. Especially Cyber bullying. Young girls are called ugly names and laughed at. It really can hurt some one’s self-esteem and most people eventually end up killing them selves.

There are many stories we hear all the time about these poor boys and girls and every time i want to cry an wish i could just give them a hug and talk to them. God ( no offense to atheists here) did not want people to behave like this.

I truly don’t understand why those who bully do it.

Today i wanted to encourage you all to take a stand against bullying. Imagine that you could save a life.

-Please, if you ever thought of bullying, please don’t do it! You could kill some one non-directly.

– If you witness someone being bullied please do something. Go up to the bully and tell them to stop. And than go to an adult.

-If you are being bullied please tell some one.

I also want everyone to know that if you are being bullied right now or even thinking of suicide, i promise you that you will regret it. You have a long life to live. There are other ways out.

If anyone wants to talk about it, please e-mail me at CSLyons22@aol.com

I will not judge you, i want to help :)

For more information go to this website: http://www.stopbullying.gov/

If you want to support bullying there are many ways with merchandise. Check out these websites:



( If you know of other websites, let me know!)

Also if any of you know any way i can earn money to donate to a charity please let me know!

Also i think it would be really cool if maybe we could all wear red some day next week to stand-up against bullying and maybe let as many people as you can, know. I don’t know, i mean not many people would know but i think it would be a cool idea.

Let me know what you think.

Also check out this really sad video of last weeks glee ( it shows just how serious bullying is. I almost cried =[ )

Please take a stand against bullying!




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2 responses to “Take a stand against bullying

  1. Last weeks glee was deffinately one of the best ones! I <3 Glee:)

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