Haulola!! Mall of America!

Hey everyone!!:) Last weekend, I went to Mall of America with my friends to do some SHOPPING!!:) It was really fun, but the best part was that I met Sponge Bob! I was like OMG he’s RIGHT THERE! lol:)

Okay, so I didn’t do tooo much damage. Starting on the left with the zig zag tank top- this was from Delias: this is a really unique top and sooo cute:) It is a burnout material, and the back is all lace and it is cropped- SOOO CUTE!

Next, the bandeau(spelling??) is also from Delias. I got it to go with first top because it has an open back- gotta be a little sensible lol:) But it is just a plum, spandex material super comfy:)

Next is the gray shirt, and this is from Delias as well…lol:) This shirt, is amaaazing!:) The top is all lace detailing and the shirt is cropped but very slightly, and it comes up at the sides. The material is also supper comfy too:)

Finally, the last shirt I got from a store called the Garage. I don’t know if anyone has heard of that store, but it is an AWESOME store! They have really cute clothing items:) The shirt I got from there is navy blue and white stripes, with the bottom half all lace. This shirt is not cropped though, but it is adooorable!:)

So that is it:) I also got some braclets for my mom, but that is it:) I hope you guys enjoyed this:):)




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8 responses to “Haulola!! Mall of America!

  1. Hey!
    Wonderful post and blog!
    I’ve always wanted to go to the Mall of America..
    Yes, you spelled bandeau correctly!
    My favorite shirt is the top-left one!

    Check out my new post, please? Thank you so much!

  2. Hey! Great post, i love reading hauls!
    I really like the first and last tanks but i love it all :) So cute!

  3. livelaughfashion

    I love delia’s so much! I’ll have to go there soon becuase these are cute clothes! Great post!

  4. Right? The Mall of America (MOA) is so awesome!! I’m glad I only live like an hour away so I can go there more often but the one time i’ve been there me and my friends had a blast! except for the parts when my fear of heights kicked in and I had to ride the elevators instead of taking the escolaaters (however you spell it) But yeah hope you liked it enough to keep coming back to the mall

    • paintglitter

      OMG!! right??? I absolutly love it there!:) Sooo amazing, and I definatly will be going back, it was sooo awsome!!:)
      Thanks for commenting:):):)

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