Spring Break Fashion

With spring break right around the corner, I wanted to make a post about outfits to wear on Spring Break. I am going to San Diego and I am so excited. I just bought a new swimsuit today that is so cute! Here are some ideas of outfits to wear on spring break.

This first look is something to wear to the beach or pool. It’s a cute pink polka dot bikini and you can use jean shorts as a quick and easy ‘cover-up’. Then add your shades and colorful flip-flops and you will be the best-dresses girl there.

This next look is something you can wear when you go shopping, hang with the family, or do whatever you do for fun on spring break. A fun, colorful shirt, cute jean shorts you won’t be able to wear again until summer, Sperry’s becuase they are just so darn comfortable, your super cool shades, and a sweatshirt for in case you get cold.

This final look is for when you need to get more dressed up. A cute jean looking skirt and a white tank are great bases for any outfit. Adding the colorful sweater (becuase it gets cold when its night during spring break), fun sandals, and some cute jewelry, you have a perfect going out look.

Comments? Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know so I can keep making these posts better. Also, tell me what kinds of posts you wanna see so I can post about what you wanna know about!

Love you!





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6 responses to “Spring Break Fashion

  1. Love these outfits :) They are so cute and i cant wait for spring break and i just love these outfits. I hope you have fun in san diego

  2. Wonderful post!
    The Polyvores were adorable.
    The third is the most like my personal style and thus, my favorite, but they were all gorgeous!

    New post! Check it out and comment?

  3. paintglitter

    These are all toooo cute!!:)
    I loved it:):)

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