What to keep in your Gym Bag


Hey everyone,

As it gets closer to Spring i have been going to the gym more often than working out inside and i thought it would nice to do a post on what to keep in your gym bag along with some examples. Enjoy!

First i picked out some cheap gym bags in stores now that you may like:

gym bags

Abercrombie Fitch tote handbag, $25 Roxy bag, $48  Harajuku Lovers logo messenger bag, $49  Forever 21 duffle bag, $20  Olsenboye backpack bag, $24  American Apparel tote handbag, $11  Forever 21 weekend bag, $27  Forever 21 tote handbag, $11      Old Navy bowling bag, $25   Old Navy duffle bag, $19   Aero SoCal Drawstring Bag, $8   Sunray Messenger Bag, $15

So i know these are not typical gym bags but i don’t like to stay with the same all the time and i don’t really care for the same duffle bag that everyone uses. I like unique ones with different patterns, as long as they have fun patterns. Above are just different types i picked out for cheap prices.

Now for things to keep in it:

1. Lip Balm

A lip balm is a good product to have just because i know my lips usually get dry. EOS is one of my favorite.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a good product to have, if  your going to be working out outside. Just be sure to pick a sweat proof one.

3. Wide-tooth comb

I like to have a wide-tooth comb because if i do take a shower at the gym ( which i usually do) i use it to brush out my hair afterwards because a regular brush causes it to tear.

4. Detangler

I like to use detangler when brushing my hair with a wide-tooth comb because sometimes the comb can get stuck and i just think detangler helps it brush smoother. Johnson’s for babies is one of my favorite just because its so gentle.

5. Body Lotion

I really like to have a lotion on hand when i’m at the gym for afterwards just to smooth my skin. This oatmeal one is great for any irritation.

6. Body Mist

A body mist is great to have for after wards to get rid of smell of course. The dove go fresh is so fresh and natural. perfect.

7.  Evian Facial mist

This is an amazing product because its mineral water to spray on your face while working out and it really does cool you down. You can find it at Sephora.

8. Deodorant

This is sort of an obvious product, no?

9. Facial wipes

This is a good alternative to the facial mist to wipe any sweat off your face.

10. Pony Tail Holders

I just use these to put my hair in a ponytail so it’s out of my face.

11. Ipod

I usually like to have my own music in the gym just to get into the workout, so i bring my ipod

12. Water Bottle

I like to have a water bottle of course and the bobble one is great because its recyclable and filters the water itself.

13. Snack

Usually if ‘im there for a long time i like to have a snack and so usually i just pick up a granola bar

14. Gum

Gum is another thing i love to have on hand

15. Leave-in Conditioner

Great for making your hair soft afterwards


Did you like this post? Did it help? What do you keep in your gym bag? Leave a comment below




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17 responses to “What to keep in your Gym Bag

  1. livelaughfashion

    Awesome post! I keep a lot of these in my gym bag and can’t wait to add the other ones. They’re really good ideas

  2. Wonderful post, Rain!
    In my gym bag, I keep the following…
    Ponytail holders (Juicy Couture and generic), Deodorant (Lady Speed Stick), Lavender body mist, Juicy Couture original perfume, Evian face mist, Baby wipes (for face), Lotion (PINK), extra pink Wilson tennis balls (My sport of choice), a water bottle (insulated), my iPad2 (I put it in when I go :) ), Banana Boat SPF 40, chapstick, Softlips, coverup (waterproof), mascara (waterproof), and little snacks like M&Ms or cheese cubes xD
    Great post!

    I just posted, check it out and comment? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Rain! I luved this post! I keep most of that stuff in mine too, haha who doesn’t?

    Luv ya, Claire

  4. paintglitter

    Awesome post!! Once I get my liscence( which won’t be till next year, dont even have a permit lol) Im getting a gym membership and I will definatly be taking this post in my thoughts when i pack a gym bag!!!:)

  5. I LOVE this post! :) Very helpful!

  6. Hey sweetie(:
    Loved this post, and I have to agree with a lot of your stuff. I def can’t live without sunscreen (I use the Neutrogena facial moisturizer with included SPF) and lip balm (Burt’s Bees!!).
    My iPod Touch!! Haha I always listen to it(:

    Pretty please stop by my blog – new post! – xo Cindy

  7. Kaddie

    Great post Rain!
    I don’t really go to the gym so that means I don’t really have a duffle bag or anything like that, besides just for PE at my school. And I normally keep the same things. :p Aha, I should really start going to the gym, so now I know what I should take(:

    New post, drop by and leave a comment please? Thanks!

    • Well i hope this was somewhat helpful, lol :) I usually bring a few of these similar things to P.E. too.
      Of course i will check out your new post!

  8. Allpes

    Was nervous last year, so boght large Amber extreme gym bag, so now don’t have problems to think what to put in – I put everything :) My boyfriend ask always when I go to gym " Are you moving somewhere :)

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