Secrets Boys Don’t Want You to Know


Everyone knows how confusing boys are. But every once in a while boys let things slip, that they don’t want girls to know. What better way to share them than on this blog. So here you go. :)

1. Boys are not as confident as they look.


Boys like girls to think that they know what they’re doing, love themselves, and aren’t afraid of anything. But in reality, boys are scaredy cats. Did you know, most boys are afraid of roller coasters until they graduate college? And most boys haven’t done half the things they say they have done. They just want to seem impressive and cool.

2. Boys love girls who smile

Camille Grand'Maison

Boys don’t like it when girls frown all the time. They want their girlfriends to be happy so smile a lot! They also love it when you use smiley faces in your texts because they love it when you smile even when you’re not together.

3. Boys can’t read minds

Ocean of Emotions

Even if your guys seems to know what you’re thinking, they’re totally guessing. Let them know what you’re thinking and if you’re mad so they stop doing what’s making you mad.

4. Guys hate hearing about other guys

So Far Away

Don’t talk to your crush/boyfriend about other guys, even if you have no shot with the guy, it makes them think you’re uninterested. Talking about how cute One Direction is, is for your friends. Your guy doesn’t want to hear it.

Comments? Thoughts?

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3 responses to “Secrets Boys Don’t Want You to Know

  1. Hey Jennifer, i love this post! I agree so much with smiling and all these. This is a great and helpful post :) Good job the great posts :)

  2. Also check out updated headquarters please :)

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