Where have I been????

Hey everyone!! So I know I haven’t posted in ages!! So basically this post is just what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been:):)

So this past week I had soccer tryouts till 6 o’clock then homework so that took up my whole week. I also hurt my leg during those tryouts, but only minorly:):)

I’ve also been focusing on school and my AP class which has taken up my weekends, but school always comes first when it comes to the computer:)

So thats basically what I’ve been up to, but hopefully, Ill be able to get back on track with my posts and we’ll be good to go!

I’ve got some fun posts coming up so stay tuned for that and have a good night!!!!:):):):)

And also, I have a question for all of you!!

Where is a good place to find really pretty bedding, I’m redoing my room and need a new comforter so if you know of any places tell me in the comments!!:)



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4 responses to “Where have I been????

  1. livelaughfashion

    sorry about you’re leg :( i have cheer tryouts next week and i’m nervous. i bet you did great though! for some great bedding, try JCPenney. they have like bedding by teen vogue and seventeen! it’s really cute and that’s where i got my new bedding :)

    • paintglitter

      Im sure you’ll do amazing at your tryouts:):) Im rooting for you!!!!
      And thanks, Ill be sure to check out JCPenny:D

  2. Dont worry about being gone! I have not posted in a week now. Sorry about your leg, hope it gets better!
    And i like JCpenny for bedding

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