What to keep in your school backpack:)

So, backpacks can get really heavy with all the books, and folders, and notebooks, but there are some things that it would be wise to keep in it other than books.

In my school, we have buildings that we have to go to and a path we have to walk to get to the buildings, so it does get hard to lug around a backpack, but everything I’m about to tell you to keep in your backpack is things that will not take up a whole bunch of space:)

This is really important for keeping yourself organized. Some schools might give these out, but if not I highly suggest getting one for yourself.  You can find really cute, cheap ones at target, or any office supply store:) They really help you remember homework, or any important dates for work or tests:)

Gum, is also a good thing to have in your bag. If you have trouble staying awake in school, chewing gum will help you stay awake:) Gum can also help food cravings, and get your mind off of how hungry you are.

It also might be wise to keep a snack with you:) I always have food with me because I get really hungry. A small snack like a granola bar works perfectly. It isn’t obnoxious to eat, and it isn’t messy either.  My favorite granola bars are by Special K, they’re soooo good:)

So lets all be real here…. these are super important to keep in your bag. There super small, and you can even buy little holders for them, but it is something that every girl should keep with her just in case:)

Finally, it is also a good idea to keep a water bottle in your bag. You want to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and water is just the way to do it:) Drinking alot of water has alot of benefits for your skin, hair and even for getting toned:)

Hope you all enjoyed this post:):)



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6 responses to “What to keep in your school backpack:)

  1. Great post- i keep all of this in my bag as well :)

  2. livelaughfashion

    love this post! i keep all of these in my locker :)

  3. I cheew gum like every hour. Lol, I’m not kidding. I loved this post! Very imformative(:

    Pretty please check out my new post! – xo Cindy

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