Vera Bradley : Live in Style


Heyy Ladies!

If you cant tell by the title I am doing a post about Vera Bradley. I don’t know how popular it is where you live, but where I live it used to be very popular but now it kind of died down. I am going to show some of their products and some of their patterns.  Since , depending on what it is, it can be expensive I am going to share some saving tips.(: Hope you girlies enjoy!



pattern- Baroque

price  $49.00 – $59.00

I am in love with this pattern I think it is soo unique and beautiful!


-Mini Hipster-

Pattern- Rosy Posies

Price- $33.75- $45.00

I really like this pattern and even though this is too small for a regular purse I loke using mini hipsters for school purses. This pattern is gorgeous as well!

-Chain Bag-

Pattern-Mocha Rouge

Price-  $58.50

I have always a big purse like this but I just never know what to put in there.

But of course I think its gorgeous and I should really buy one  because someone in this room ahem ***me*** has a shopping problem.

-Saddle Up-

Pattern- Very Berry Paisley

Price-  around $50.00

My friend has this purse in this pattern and it is even more gorgeous and beautiful in person!



 Zip Around Wallet

Pattern- Plum Petals

Price- $30

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I honestly think this is one of the prettiest things I have seen!(:


-All in One Wristlet-











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4 responses to “Vera Bradley : Live in Style

  1. foreverbeautifulashley

    ****** It cut off the bottom portion of the wristlet and 3 other items!*******
    Sorry girls!

    the items were
    – A zip up ID case
    -A mini Notebook
    – Mini Desk set.

    *** Saving tips******
    – shop at an outlet mall
    – Put in your birthday at vera Bradley and recieve a $20 dollar gift certificate when its your birthday month.

    Again sorrryy!!!

    If you have any other questions pleas eleave it in the comments<3

  2. paintglitter

    This is a really good post! I need a new little wristlet so I’m thinking I should get one from here! They were all sooooo cuttee:):)

  3. This is cute :) love it

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