Book Review: Last Song

Hey everyone,

I’m a huge reader and so i decided it would be fun to do book reviews to help you find some things to read. I could also do certain books if you request. If i have not read it yet i will and then tell you about it. I’m always up for a new book :)

I have always liked to read Nicholas Sparks and one of my favorite books is The Last Song. I’m sure most of you have seen the movie, which was really good :) So if you have not read the book here is my short summary!

I thought this was a great book for those that love, love stories!

It was rather long and the beginning was a bit slow to get into but overall it was good when you got farther in.

I will admit to liking the movie a bit more just because sometimes the book has tons of extra information that makes some parts boring.

I do usually like the book better because it did have more detail but i feel some of it was not needed.

I liked the ending a lot better in the book as well as some parts.

It was in general a good book but unless you are really into Sparks books or really into love stories then i don’t recommend it.

It is great for those who like love stories.


Sorry, for such a short post. I should have some good ones coming soon so keep an eye out!

I hope you liked this




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7 responses to “Book Review: Last Song

  1. livelaughfashion

    good post! i loved the movie but i haven’t read the book. i think i will now :)

  2. Sound like a great book! I should read it. New post, come check it out?

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