Florence and the Machine inspired

Hey Everyone,

One of my favorite singers ever is Florence Welch of Florence and the machine. I adore her music. Today im doing a post on outfits inspired by 3 of my favorite songs by her. I’m sorry if the outfits seem off a bit, i just wanted to get a post up today. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Outfit # 1 – Dog Days Are Over

 So maybe it’s just me but this song makes me think of a warm summer day and dancing and just chilling out. Like the other outfits i based this one off of how i felt listening to it and i felt that peaceful free feeling. So here is my outfit:

dog days

Wet seal dress, $27  Denim jacket, $35   Toms shoes, $89  Forever 21 shoulder handbag, $16   Forever 21 jewelry, $7.80   Yellow fedora, $10   Wet Seal aviator sunglasses, $7.50

This outfit for me is a great one for spring. When listening to this song the first thing i imagined was a boho tribal print dress. I built the rest of the outfit around that. A denim jacket is perfect for cool spring weather. And the accessories go well with the look. Together it’s a laid-back chill spring look.

Outfit # 2- Cosmic Love

This song i feel is dark and mysterious yet i feel there is something light to it. Im not sure if my outfit actually fits well but even if it doesnt i like it anyways. I think this is my favorite song of the three.

cosmic love

Quiksilver beach top, $30   Forever 21 floral print shorts, $20   Converse rubber soled shoes, $50    Forever 21 peacock feather jewelry, $5.80   Forever 21 chain jewelry, $2.80   Slouchy hat, $15  77kids 77 Black Washed Chambray Shirt, $17

For this outfit i started with lace shorts that are big for spring and give a unique look. Then i added a flowy top and a darker button up and converse to off the darker vibe. And of course i included a star necklace.

Outfit # 3- Heavy in your arms


This song is the darkest of them and that is why the outfit is the darkest

heavy in your arms
This last outfit is darkest of them all because it has that haunted feeling. So for that i picked out a skull tank top. I added pink pants because its huge for spring and adds lightness to the look. The chambray top is also springy and will keep you the right amount of warm


I just want to say sorry for the really F-ed up layout of this post. WordPress is going glitch y again and i cant fix it and really wanted to post this! Anyways i hope you liked it. Also do you like the blogs new spring layout?

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