Just saying….

Hey everyone! I wanted to get a post out before my life gets crazy. :) I have cheerleading tryouts starting this week and I’m really nervours for those and the week after is SPRING BREAK!!! I love spring break it’s like a mini summer :)

So, I wanted to just wanted say I’m not ignoring y’all, I’m just to busy. Also, to update my previous One Direction post, their CD hits iTunes March 13 and it is rumoured that Louis Tomlinson, may have a girlfriend. Tear tear becuase he’s my second favorite. In case you forgot, he’s this one:



Also, I discovered a new spring trend for nails: Painting each hand a different color. It’s a huge trend where I live right now. Kind of like this:

Photorawrsaurus - Fascination | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Except two different hands.

Hope you all enjoyed and you all have great spring breaks!!!!
Ohio & photos avec Milie au parc ♥





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10 responses to “Just saying….

  1. I cant wait for spring break either! Good luck with cheer
    Love the nail idea :)

  2. Louis’s my second favorite too :) I just like to pretend that they’re all single, haha ;)
    I really like the nail idea too.

  3. Hey Jennifer! Good luck at cheerleading tryouts :) I’m sure you’ll do fine! I love the nail trend, I’ve been mixing up my colors lately too!

  4. kristengregoryxoxo

    Good luck at tryouts!! I love mixing my colors!!

    Au Revoir,

  5. ariveraspalpha

    Good luck at cheer tryouts! there stressful x10


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