Last-Minute Ideas for Spring Break


Hey everyone,

My Spring Break is approaching quickly as i’m sure most of yours are. And i could not be any less pumped! It may be only 1 week for me but it’s so nice to have off of school. Unfortch. not all of us can afford to go away to somewhere tropical or what not. Some of us ( like myself) are stuck at home. But just because you are does not mean you have to be board! Here are some great things to do on Spring Break. Enjoy!


1. You can go on a Picnic ( COST: nothing, unless you buy some food from the store)  Make some sandwiches at home and grab some fruit and water and what-ever else. Grab a picnic basket and a blanket and head to the park. Extra points for you if you exercise. This  outing is fun with friends or sweet with a boy friend. Just make sure the weather is warm and it will be even more fun. If your really sporty, you could even bring a ball to play catch or something.

2. Cooking ( COST: only what you need to make the food) I love to bake cookies with my friends. Play some upbeat music and just have fun inside. And after you get to eat all the yummy treats :) I personally like to make Pillsbury cookies

3. DIY day ( COST: you can find things at home or buy stuff at a craft store) I love to get crafty and just update my clothing or make my own. It’s extra fun with friends. Check-out some DIY blogs like, or

4. Go on an in-town road trip with friends! ( COST: nothing, unless you have to pay to go in some places) Go visit random/tourist places with your friends in your town or towns near-by. I did this last Spring and we turned out to have some good adventures.

5. Have a Dinner Party- (COST: depends on how much you spend on food) make it fancy and go all-out. Make or buy a nice super and turn your dining room into a fancy restaurant type and dress up nice. Invite your friends and maybe even crushes! It’s much cheaper than a fancy resturant.

6. Be a Bookworm-  (COST: Free!)i love reading and to be honest i love to sit in the spring sun or cool library with lemonade or tea and just let myself fall into a book. I plan to re-read the Hunger Games series before the movie comes out!

7. Do some Spring Cleaning-( COST: free! only effort) there is no better time than spring to clean out your room and closet. Spend a day organizing and going throw old things. By the time your done, your room will feel a lot fresher!

8. Have a relaxation day-( COST: free!) We all know school is tough, so just take a day for yourself. Set up your own home spa, take a bubble bath, give yourself a mani/pedi and then curl up and watch re-runs of your favorite shows or movies. Example: The twilight series or like me catch up on Gossip Girl!

9. Make Videos- (COST: Free!) It’s really fun to make videos with your friends and put them on youtube. Dance around to a fun song or make a spoof of something. Even if you don’t upload it to youtube it’s still fun!

10. New Spring clothes- (COST: free!) Need some new clothes for the season? Have a clothing swap with some friends. Have everyone bring old clothes they don’t want and trade with each other. You will be sure to find some fun stuff :) Or if you have a bit of cash go to a local thrift store for some good buys.

11. Create your own beach vacay- (COST: Free!) If it’s snowy or cold where you are ( it was for me last spring) bring the beach to your living room! Lay out some towels for you and your friends. Put on swim-suits, a fan for your summer breeze, some air freshener, lemonade and fresh fruit, a CD of beach sounds or a beach-y movie like Soul Surfer, and if you really want to go crazy like i did turn up the heat in your house or turn on a lot of lamps for your heat.

12. Go on a Bike Ride- (COST: Free!) I like to go on long bike rides in the warm weather. Sometimes to no where other times to an ice-cream shop :)

13. Photography session- (COST: free!) Get together with some friends and have a fun outdoors photo shoot. Dress up in fancy or spring outfits and snap away. Then post on Facbook if you want :) Tip: Late Afternoon has the best lighting.

14. Get a free makeover- Go to the mall and go to one of the makeup counters for a free look and maybe even samples! This is perfect for if your at the mall and have no money :(

15. Sprinkler time- Lacking a pool or beach?? Break out the sprinkler. It can be more fun than it sounds and make you feel like a little kid again!

16. Road-trip-(COST: gas and then up to you) This one is very popular for those of you with cars. I was not sure about including this but because i don’t know about our readers ages i figured i should include it. Find a near-by tourist city or a random city and drive there for a day. I love finding un-known stores in their down-town district or little cafes or beaches. So you should bring some money. Also don’t forget snacks for the car ;)

17.  Goodwill adventures- (COST: depends on how much you plan to buy) I love going to a thrift store with friends and just trying on really weird stuff and taking pictures. And of course you may find things you like.

18. Work-out- (COST: free) For those of you going out for Spring sports now would probably be a good time to train. Try working out outside by doing simple activities or such.

19. Job-hunting- (COST: free!) i really need a summer job again and so i like to do some job hunting. It’s best to do this when you have a long time so Spring Break is perfect. Go to any places nearby and just ask for an application and the age requirements first. Then you can even take some time to fill them out.

20. Stargazing- (COST: Free!)  love to look at the stars and a warm spring night can be perfect for just that. Grab some friends, find a field, a big blanket, some hot chocolate, and go have fun. Just make sure it’s a night where the sky is clear!


Was this post help-ful to you or not really? I would love to know! What do you plan to do for Spring Break? Leave me a comment below and don’t for get to subscribe for free :)




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4 responses to “Last-Minute Ideas for Spring Break

  1. Great ideas :)
    I usually do 6 because I LOVE to read, but I might do 2,10,19,and maybe 8.

  2. Great suggestions! My spring break just started and I haven’t made any plans. I will be doing some of these activities this upcoming week!

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