Scrumptious Snacks!!

So, yes I did disapear of the face of the earth, but now Im back! Today, Im sharing with you guys some really good snacks that are fairly healthy and taste sooo good, but are not like fruit and vegetables:)

1) Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is sooo good! It also is super good for you! One of these containers of Chobani yogurt has only 140 calories, 0 grams fat, 22 carbs, and wait for it….14 grams of protein!!! These fill you up soo much, its like all you need to keep you going for a couple hours. And since it has 14 grams of protein, its great for vegetarians:):)

2) Special K chips

These are sooooo good! like i can’t explain it! Everybody needs to try these!:) I don’t currently have them:( so i don’t know all the nutrition but i do know that they are much much much better for you that eating regular chips! I think the serving size is 32 of the full chip and it is only 110 calories! Comparing that to regular chips where you can only eat like 7 and its 150 calories!

3)Pop chips

These again are the same idea as the special k chips. I don’t have them with me either and I don’t know the serving size.. all i know is that these chips are sooooo delicious and again waaayyy better for you that eating doritos of pringles:)

3) Chocolate Chips

I know you guys are probably thinking.. What??? But eating chocolate chips is much better than eating a whole chocolate bar:) It will satisfy you just as well and you won’t be eating as much. You obvioiusly don’t want to eat a whole bag, but taking a little less than a handful never did anybody any harm! annd side bonus, chocolate makes you happier!!!!:)

Alright well thats all I got for you guys:) Hope you liked it! and if you have any questions feel free to ask!!:)




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2 responses to “Scrumptious Snacks!!

  1. livelaughfashion

    Omg, I just tried pop chips yesterday and their amazing!!!!! I love Greek yogurt too! Awesome post!

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