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I’m back! I hope you all had a fabulous week! I am so excited to be back and blogging that I just had to make a post. While I was in San Diego, I got to see so many animals. These animals really inspired me so I thought a post of outfits inspired by animals would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1: Penguins

Life in Perspective


I got to pet a penguin at Seaworld which was amazing! penguins are extremely soft but are tough and you don’t mess with them. This look captures the hard and soft a penguin. A simple flowy white tank like a penguins stomach, the sequins tight skirt because penguins seem to have a shine to their feathers, the leather jacket to capture the hard rocker edge of the penguin, the orange pumps for their feet, and the black and white scarf to tie the look together.

Outfit 2: Dik Dik

So Dik Dik’s are not well-known animals but they are adorable. I just learned about them in San Diego and I am now obsessed. So for the outfit I wanted a cute outfit because Dik Diks are so darn cute. I chose a simple white long sleeve to start off the look but that can be changed to fit the weather to a tank. The faux fur vest because of the Dik Dik’s fur coat, black skinny jeans for the Dik Dik’s large black eyes, the flower necklace to bring the look together, and the gray lace Toms for the little bit of gray in the Dik Dik’s fur.

Outfit 3: Dolphin

Love Sucks.

Dolphins are my favorite animals and they were so cool in the Seaworld show that I had to include them. I chose a simple white tank for the underbelly of the dolphin, gray high-waisted shorts for the rest of the dolphin, a gray blazer to class up the look but that doesn’t have to be in the outfit, gray flats, and black and gray bracelets to add finish off the look.

Outfit 4: Flamingo

MW Photography

Flamingos are interesting creatures. They turn their pinkish hues from eating small shrimp but if they aren’t pink its because they had children and they lost their hues from giving birth. I chose a pink tank top that is simple and easy, jean shorts, pink Vans, and white feather earrings to represent the feathers.

Thoughts? Comments? Let me know so I can keep making awesome posts on what you want to see!





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4 responses to “Animal Inpsiration

  1. lets just say, words cannot describe how much i love these outfits, lol great post :) hope you had a good spring break!

  2. paintglitter

    This is sooo creative!! Awesome post!

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