Song Inspired!!! Drive By , by Train

Drive By

This outfit was inspired by a song called Drive By by Train. The song reminds me of like driving and what not so and this is what popped into my head!:)

So first, we have a pair of distressed skinny jeans and a leather jacket to give off that tough chic vibe.  Then to make this outfit a little more wearable I paired it with a pair of  black converse, and no jewelry. For hair, go with a really messy beachy hair( for a post on this just ask:) ) and a small winged eyeliner with your water line lined. And to finish it off, go for red lips and you’ll be center of attention:)

So there ya have it:) Hope you liked it:):)



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5 responses to “Song Inspired!!! Drive By , by Train

  1. livelaughfashion

    cute outfit! you should definitely do a post on messy beachy hair becuase i really wanna know how to! thanks!

  2. omg, so cute :) i would def. wear this!

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