All that Counts is Here and Now

Hello everyone! I’m in one of those fazes where you’re obsessed with songs and you’re always singing so that explains why my post is a line from the song “Glad You Came” by The Wanted. I love that song! It’s my favorite song that isn’t One Direction :)

But onto the post! I am also going through what I like to call a fashion identity crisis! It’s basically where you’re tired of your current style and want to change it up! So, that’s what I’m doing. My new vision for my wardrobe is Boho-Edgy! I hope you all enjoy some outfits based off this new style and find inspiration of your own!

Outfit 1:

So this look really takes on the boho part of my look. With the patterned tank top and jean capris, it’s perfect for spring or a summer’s night. I chose simple flip-flops with a little beading on them for a little bling. The shell necklace and fringe messenger bag top it off perfectly.

Outfit 2:

I think look really has both boho and edgy aspects to it. The simple tunic and black leggings are much more the bohohemian part of the look. The black studded clutch makes it edgier. I topped it off with cute animal print flats and a really cool orange beaded necklace.

Outfit 3:

This outfit is more of my current boho style but you can still see the boho in it. The loose Coca-Cola shirt is boho but edgy from the color. The straight leg jeans are more boho than edgy and the sneakers add an edgy edge i guess. The black scarf ties the look together for a very casual boho-edgy look.

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know if you think I’m hitting the boho-edgy look I’m going for or what I should work on! Thanks ! Hope you all enjoyed!





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7 responses to “All that Counts is Here and Now

  1. In love with all the outfits, they seem great for different parts of the day!

  2. makeupl0ver97

    Hey girly, where is that brown frilly bag from?

    • livelaughfashion

      hey girl! It’s called Steve Madden Bcheroke Messenger Handbag if that helps! its from piperlime according to polyvore

  3. makeupl0ver97


  4. Kelsey ∞

    Adorable outfits(: I love the boho-edgy style you have going on, boho is definitely my favorite style.
    Ah, 1D! Which is one of your favorite songs? I love Same Mistakes(:
    Kelsey ∞

    • livelaughfashion

      I love everything about you! They are amazing!!! I have the biggest crush on Niall, I literally listen to his part of the song a million times :) thanks too! Boho is my face style too!

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