Spring Fashion 2012

I love the fashions this spring! Everyone trend is very possible to wear everyday without looking overdone, and you can also dress them up! Every picture is from the Spring 2012 Fashion Week:) Hope you all like it!

Here we go…….

Don’t put away all your floral print dresses just yet! Florals are still in style for this spring 2012! At New York Fashion Week, Jason Wu’s Design really caught my eye! I thought that a sheer floral romper was a fun twist! Especially since sheer tops are in too!

For all you tom-boys out there, I’ve got a trend for you as well! I really like this trend because it goes along with my style! I love how you can mix different textures with this trend! Specifically at the Spring fashion week, 3.1 Philip Lim’s take on it really caught my eye! I love the sweatshirt wrapped at the waist and the gray color gradient.

Another trend I think is super cute is the geometric color blocking:) The harsh edges of the shapes make each of the colors stand out against each other. My favorite was by Narciso Rodgriguez because I really like how the shapes and colors guide your eyes across the whole outfit. They put movement into the piece.

Finally, pastels. You all know I love pastels and the trend with pastels. I think my first post I did was on the trend lol:) But pastels are really in every spring because of how they represent little baby ducks and chicks! lol! So I really liked Proenza Schouler’s take on the trend because she incorporated zebra print into the dress!! OMG!! lol:) sad to say but you can’t see the print in this picture:(

Trends also include tribal prints, super bold prints, color blocking in general ect..

How cute are these!!!!!!!!!!!lol



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