March Favorites (:


Hey Girls!!
I know I kind of disappeared off the face of this Earth. I have been very busy with school as well as not really having any ideas on what to post about. I figured since March is almost over it would be appropriate to do a favorites post and to help me get back into the swing of things.

Item 1- Tinted Moisturizer- E.L.F. tinted Moisturizer

I just got this but I already love it. I really like the idea of switching to a tinted moisturizer in spring and summer. Plus this have SPF 20 which is always nice!!

Item 2- Bronzer – E.L.F. healthy glow bronzing powder

I love this product soo much!! It just looks soo good when you put it on your face not to mention its only $1 which is what I love the most about E.L.F. products.

Item 3- Blush – E.L.F. candid coral

I promise Im not doing all E.L.F. products (:

I love this blush! It is soo pretty and it adds a pop of color to your cheeks. I have been wearing this practically everyday since I have gotten it.

Item 4 – Eyeshadow- Maybelline color tatoo in Audacious Asphalt

I love this soo much I dont even think I can express it. I love this because it stays all day and doesn’t crease plus you can use it as a base or wear it as a normal eyeshadow. I love the color too! I like the fact that it is bold but neutral at the same time.

Item 5- Eyeliner- E.L.F. liquid eyeliner

I use this every single day. It lasts throughout my school day and after words even though its blod black color doesnt last as long its still there. It is very easy to apply if its your first liquid eyeliner(:

Item 6- Mascara – Maybelline Colossal

I think this is my all time favorite mascara. I love this it doesn’t clump and it looks amazing on your lashes!

Item 7- lips – Revlon Lip butter in Cupcake

This is such a flattering color for spring!! Im sure most everyone knows what lip butters are but just incase you dont its like a chapstick and lipstick combined the moisturizer of a chapstick and the color of a lipstick. These things are amazing!!!

Item 8- Nail polish- Sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear Coral reef

This is such a gorgeous color for spring it soo bright and poppy.I have it on my nails right now and I love it!!



youtube beauty gurus- Beautybaby44 and missbeautyforeverxo

Tv show- Make it or Break it


That wraps up my favorites!! I hope you girls enjoy!! I am sorry if I have other posts up today as well. I am kind of on a roll now(:








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4 responses to “March Favorites (:

  1. livelaughfashion

    I love tinted moisturizer and that same mascara! Awesome post. E.l.f is the best!

  2. Kelsey ∞

    Hey girly,
    Loved your favorites(: I really need to get myself a tinted moisturizer sometime soon. :p I’m not actually a big fan of that bronzing powder because it’s just a bit too glittery on my face.
    Anyways, amazing post(:
    Kelsey ∞

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