That’s What Makes You Beautiful


Hello everyone! I am still in my song starting post phase so I chose a lyric from one of my favorite song’s by my favorite band One Direction. If you haven’t noticed, they are basically in every one of my posts. Haha. Anyway, this title does relate to my topic today. I wanted to cover a more serious topic in this post.

I Hate When Girls Say That They’re Not Pretty. Every girl is beautiful and don’t like girls thinking they’re not or they need to change things about them. You are beautiful and you don’t need to change any thing about you or your body. You were made the way you were and you shouldn’t try to change that.

My Make up

I know when I look into a mirror I have a problem not saying negative things about myself. Yes, I think I need to change things about myself but I don’t think not eating or wearing too much makeup is the answer!

My friends and I have made a little challenge and I really encourage all you girls who have self-esteem issues join in with us! It’s a pretty simple challenge, actually. There are 3 different ones you can try, they each last a week or more depending on how long you want to do them. I am personally doing two of these challenges, but I strongly encourage you to do them all!

Challenge 1: Sexy Body

I'd rather be fit than skinny /

So, my friend came up with the name for her challenge and I thought it was funny so I decided to include it. She came up with a weekly workout routine that is actually very effective. This is one of the two I am doing. You need to get in shape in a healthy way. Starving yourself won’t help you at all. Doing a good workout routine and eating healthier will help you more.

Day 1:

30 minutes of cardio (this can be running, walking, dancing, etc.)

3 sets of 20 lunges (so 10 each leg)

3 sets of 45 second wall-sits

3 sets of 30 crunches

3 sets of 30 second planks

Day 2:

30 minutes cardio (running, walking, dancing, etc.)

3 sets of 40 lunges (so 20 each leg)

3 sets of 1 minute wall-sits

3 sets of 40 crunches

3 sets of 1 minute planks

2 sets of 25 push-ups

This workout may not sound fun but is actually pretty addicting if you push yourself at first to do it daily. Once you get comfortable doing the excercises, you can up the time and number of sets too!

Challenge 2: Natural Nut

Photography Graphics, Photography Myspace Graphics, Tumblr Photography

My friend has a problem covering herself with too much make-up so I challenged her to not wear make-up for a week. I am not personally doing this challenge but I am cutting down on the amount of make-up I wear. For example, I don’t wear foundation anymore, I only wear tinted moisturizer. I also wear less eyeshadow instead of what I used to do. This challenge is extremely hard for me to do. I am very addicted to my make-up and have a hard time not wearing it. If you don’t think you can just use less make-up then maybe try wearing your hair naturally for a week instead. It will help you to appreciate your natural beauty more.

Challenge 3: Active Action


I am not much of a work-out person so another way to get into shape is to be more active. Join a sport, take a walk with friends, walk around the mall but don’t go for the ice cream or Chinese at the food court. There are a ton of ways to get healthy without having to stick to a workout routine. This is my main challenge. I am finding more active ways to hang out with friends instead of sitting on my butt and talking. I actually have more fun with them when I do this too!


My challenge to you is try one of these challenges, at least for a week. To gain a more positive voice about your body and be healthier! Also, think only positively about yourself when you look in the mirror instead of the bad. That’s the first place to start.

Thoughts? Comments?

Let me know!





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6 responses to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful

  1. Beautiful makeover and post!
    I agree. I hate it when girls proclaim themselves to be ugly and then an all-out war starts over which rail-thin girl is fatter. Haha :)
    I love the challenges!
    I’m always trying to test myself so, even though I dislike exercising in that form, I’ll definitely attempt the first challenge, starting once I’m finished with this comment!
    As for the second, I wear makeup to school, but afterschool and weekends are usually pretty natural :) .
    Wonderful, Jennifer!

    New post!

    • livelaughfashion

      thanks! I’m glad you liked it! And good luck with the challenge! I have a hard time exercising like that too but I’m trying it!

  2. I LOVE this post!
    I’m seriously going to try these(:

  3. paintglitter

    awesooommmee!! I love this soo much!!!

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