These Are a Few of My Favorite Things :)

I’m just going to share with you some of my favorite general things I’ve bought lately.

#1: Bath & Body Works Scentportable

This is my absolute favorite purchase I’ve made lately. It’s called a scentportable and it’s from Bath and Body Works. It has a clip on the back and you can clip it where ever you want. I put mine in my car and it is AMAZING! The scent I use is passion flower and it keeps my car smelling so fresh! There are also tons of different shapes and colors to pick from, it’s not just the peace sign.

#2: Fuze

Recently, I’ve discovered these drinks. They’ve got a lot of vitamens in them for you, but honestly, I just love them because they taste so good! It’s one of those things where you either love them or hate them. I love them. My favorite flavor is Peach Mango.

#3: One Direction Album

I know livelaughfashion has told you all about these guys, but I have to second her opinion. They are absolutely great. I bought their CD from Walmart and I can’t stop listening to it. They’ve got incredibly catchy songs and outstanding voices. And they might just  be the five cutest guys on the face of this Earth.

#4: Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts kinda went in and out of style a while ago, but I still love them! I love the different colors and styles. I love the way they’re comfortable. I love the way the look…

#5: Lava Lamp

Since my bedroom is orange and purple, ’70s themed, I thought this was extremely perfect. I got it at Target and it actually works really well! I think lava lamps are really cool to watch and it’s so pretty.

Thanks for reading!
I love comments(:
-Olivia xx



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4 responses to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things :)

  1. livelaughfashion

    Haha I got the 1D cd too!!!! I love it! Fuzes amazing too! Awesome post!

  2. paintglitter

    I love lava lamps!!! lol!!!

  3. I luh-v everything on here <33

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