5 Healthy Drinks

Hey everyone,

First let me say how sorry i am for being gone like a whole month! Ahh :( Anyways i was gone because i was on Spring Break for a while, and then i was really focused on school because my grades went bad :( boo, and i got grounded from the computer until i did better. But, i’m back! Sorry, i missed you all. Anyways today i have a quickie post on some healthy drinks, sometimes if your like me, you dont want to always drink water, so this may be a good post :) This is a rather simple post but i hope you will forgive me, so i can get back into the blogging groove. also these are just my favorites

Also thanks for all your views :) we have now over 3,000 views

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are nice, they have little calories and give you vitamins and stuff that you need. Plus, there are many types and flavors.

 Mio flavor

Okay, this stuff is really like coffee, lol. It gives you the energy you get from coffee but is so much quicker. Also it tastes good and gives you a nice boost to your water.


I drink snapple all the time, there are so many flavors and its good for you as well. not to much sugar. Also i am a huge tea person but if you are not there are other kinds too that are not tea :)

Arnold Palmer

This is half tea and half lemonade, i love tea as i said so this is another good one for me. I like how the lemonade tastes in it. Also it is only a dollar. I drink these all the time

Naked Smoothies

Smoothies are so great and they are like one of my favorite snacks/drinks, there are many flavors and they are thick and creamy. Not so sure i am good at describing drinks, lol. but they are healthy and yummie :)

Well, that’s all i have for today. These are my favorite healthy drinks. let me know what your faves. are. Stay tuned into our blog because i will be posting on One Direction, The Hunger Games, Titanic, and much more!

Love you all and thanks for all your views, sorry for the quickie post




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4 responses to “5 Healthy Drinks

  1. livelaughfashion

    I love all these! I haven’t tried naked smoothies before, but I am now!!

  2. Rain,
    I heart your blawg girly!
    Your background is ah-dorable x 10, and I luh-v the header(:
    I toe-tally ah-gree with you awn awl of the drinks.
    I love, love, love, LOVE Naked juice, it is so good!
    I have never tried Mio Flavor, but I will make sure to soon!
    Chin up beautiful,
    Alicia Rivera
    PS: New post up awn my blawg, care to check it out? :D

    • Thanks alicia,
      im glad you like it
      Naked juice is the best :) When you try mio you should try the red, its really good :)
      of course!

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