Just a quick little post(-:

Hey Girls!

Im really sorry for being gone! My computer broke so i needed to get it fixed(:. All is good now though soo thats good! Heres what I want to know. I am kinda lost on what to blog about.. soo if you have any requests on what you would like to read about, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you soo much!!!

Love you girls!!






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2 responses to “Just a quick little post(-:

  1. Hey!
    I hate when things break. It’s a real pain to go get them fixed!
    Well, this IS a fashion blog, which is an endless subject.
    I suggest checking out Tumblr blogs or picture sites to find inspiration. :)
    Maybe a Myth vs. Fact post? I was to do that like four posts ago, but I ran out of time, so the idea is up for grabs.

    New post, check it out, please?

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