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Daniela Alexandra

Hey everyone!! It’s been a long time since my last post about fashion or beauty but that’s because I can’t think of anything to post about! But then, I had a really good idea. I should make a post with outfits to go along with my pre-summer playlist. A little cheesy, I know but it’s all I can think of and I wanted to use Polyvore so this is what I came up with! Hope you all enjoy!!

Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

I love this song! I think it’s so sweet and fun to listen too. So I chose a cute gray dress and dressed it up with some hot pink heels, a pink necklace and a big ring for sparkle.

Boyfriend- Justin Bieber

I’m more of a Directioner than a Beliber but I still love this song. I picture a guy and a girl on a date so I went with a simple outfit. A cute tank and jeans, pink flats, and a matching bag to keep all your stuff for the date. Maybe a picnic? ;)

My Girl- Mindless Behavior

Just to point to this out, Mindless Behavior are like 12 so I don’t know what they know about love but I still love this song. So I went with a more rocker edge with this look. Loose fitting jean capris, a lime green tank that I adore, a black leather jacket, and gold flats and earrings for some sparkle and to pull the look together.

One Thing- One Direction

Being the Directioner I am, I had to pick one of my favorite songs by them or all their songs would be on here. It was hard to pick just one. I also made outfits in honor of the boys personal style. For Zayn, a picked a sweater that looks like his signature Letterman jacket. For Harry, a picked light-wash jeans instead of his skinny pants that are usually jeans. For Louis and Niall (when they aren’t wearing sweaters or plaid) a plain white t-shirt because They always seem to be wearing t-shirts. And for all the boys, those Nike shoes that every boy seems to have. And of course, some One Direction bracelets :)

Glad You Came- The Wanted

For this song, I picture an innocent girl having fun and guys hitting on her. So I went with an innocent white dress belted with a pink belt, tan sandals, and a heart-shaped necklace. Simple and sweet. :)

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know so I can keep my posts better and better! Also, tell me what you want to see!





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4 responses to “Fashion Playlist

  1. Adorable post, Jenn!
    My favorites were “I’m Glad You Came” and “One Thing”.
    One Direction <3


    • livelaughfashion

      Thanks! Glad you liked it! One direction is amazing <3

      • foreverbeautifulashley

        Amazing post!! And I’m having the same problem not being able to think of anything!! I loved all the outfits. &right up there with the rest of the directioners <3 them

      • livelaughfashion

        thanks! And they’re just amazing :) glad you liked the post!

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