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Does anyone else remember when that was the coolest thing in the world? Haha, it was last summer for me! Well, since summer is almost a month away for me I wanted to share with all of you my summer wishlist. My mission is to have the best summer ever this year so my posts will likely revolve around summer until June. These are the things I want in my wardrobe for the best season in the world-SUMMER!

  1. White Dress

Without Love We are Birds with Broken Wings - Polyvore

I want a white dress soooooo bad! They are so cute and effortless in the summer. You cand dress them down with sandals and dress them right back up with heels in seconds. This is a top priority for my summer wardrobe.

2. Patterned Shorts


I already own a pair of black and white patterned shorts but since this trend is huge for the summer, I want another pair so I can have a couple different options!

3. Flowy Tanks

are you in heaven?

Be sure to notice the S on that. I don’t want just one flowy tank top, I want many flowy tank tops. Tank tops are the staple in a summer wardrobe and I don’t like tight fitting tops much. Plus, flowy tanks can be so unique! I would also love to know where to find this tank top becuase I would love to own it. <3

4.Floral Skirts

Stay kawaii. ♥

I love floral skirts but I’m yet to actually own one. So, I am determined to get one this year. It’s not an option for me not to get one.

5. New Shades


It would be hard not to have sunglasses for the summer. I own 3 pairs already but I really want a new pair. Each summer I get new shades so I need to keep up the tradition…I’m just not sure what kind yet. Suggestions?

Comments and Thoughts? Let me know what you think and would like to see!

Lots of love,



I stole this idea from foreverbeautifulashley but I liked it. :)


summer beauty

summer bucket list

what to do with your summer

*If you want to see anything else let me know!*



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4 responses to “sUmMeR WiShLiSt

  1. foreverbeautifulashley

    I loved it!! (: Most of those on my list too!! (: Great post as always!!!

  2. Hey!
    Wonderful post!
    I want some patterned shorts super badly, and a white dress, too!
    Adorable “Niall” tank :)


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