Summer Bucketlist

Letters from the sky

Hey everyone! I still have the summer bug so I decided to post my summer bucket list of all the things I want to do this summer. I am determined to get these things accomplished. Also, please share your bucket list at the end. Maybe we have some things in common or you have an awesome goal that I need to know about!

Indiana Ultimate Angels - Photos

1. Master a full-down in cheerleading. This is a huge goal for me. Even though I am a back base and not a flyer I want to be able to go into my first football game I’m cheering at and nail a full-down with my stunt group. A full-down is when the flyer twists in a circle.

All Pictures.

2. Throw a party. We’re getting our deck redone this summer and my mom said I could have a party sometime this summer so a deck party would be perfect!!!!


3. Make a music video. I have always been interested in making music videos and movies so this summer I want to get a bunch of friends together and make a music video. I think it will be so much fun and my a lot of fun! And how cute is this picture from Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video??? Love this song!

Satanic Barbie Doll

4. Get a tan tattoo. I don’t want an actual tattoo but I want to put like a sticker somewhere and be outside all day and get a tan tattoo. I think they are so cool!

Contre les groupies des 1D.

5. Meet new people! I love meeting new people. I want to make at least 5 new friends this summer. Preferably, those cute boys up there ;)

Hope you all enjoyed! Like I said before! Tell me your bucket list!

Lots of Love,




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2 responses to “Summer Bucketlist

  1. Wonderful bucket list, Jennifer!
    A party sounds awesome :)
    Hehe… Hehe… I think I’d like to have those friends as well. :D


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