Nail Polish Haul

Hey Everyone(:

Today I am going to show you the nail polishes I picked up over the end of march through the end of April. This is sort of my new way of spending my money since I’m trying not to buy makeup (so far a success!!(: ) I am going to try to save my money for a little bit so I can go shopping and do a lot of other little, fun things over the Summer. Any way I think I should just go and show you the nail polish.



I love this color. It is so different than anything else that I have seen. It is actually really pretty on your nails (:

Mint Sorbet

I already told you how much I loved this in my April Favorites, but I will say it again. This is amazing. I didn’t know how much I would like pastels, but I love this color soo much. It is beautiful!!!

Pacific blue

I love this color. I bought only because of sarahbelle93x on youtube because I kept seeing this on her nails, and was like I need this. Its soo pretty.

Coral Reef

This color is super bright and definately perfect for spring and summer. Its really pretty and very girly.

SINFUL COLORS $0.99 – $1.99


This color took me by suprise. It was actually really cute on my nails. It was a little bit of a pastel but I could only tell a little bit.


This color is also very bright and poppy. It looks really cute on your nails! I really love it (:

Rise and Shine

I think this nail polish is actually really cute. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is more of a deep blue green. To me it shows up more green, but regardless the color is turns out very gorgeous!!


I hope you enjoyed!!

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-What I use in the shower (Tips, tricks, and recommendations )

Im going to put more together right after this is up (:

Leave me a comment on What your favorite nail polish is right now(: or if you just have something to say I would love to talk to you (:





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