Products I recommmend for the shower +tips and tricks

Hello Everyone(:

It has been over a week since my last post and I just really wanted to post one! So today I will be talking about the products I recommend in the shower. This is just what works for me. It may not work for you, but it very well could. This post will consist of what I use in the shower (Hair, body, skin) as well as after the shower.

I hope you enjoy!!!(:



Herbal Essences Long term relationship Shampoo and Conditoner

I love this shampoo and conditioner. It did wonders for my hair! (I ran out so now I am using a new one)

It claims to make your hair longer. Im not sure how true, that actually is , but it made my hair super soft!!!

TIP:Brush through the conditioner with a wide tooth comb, it helps your hair to be less knotty.

TIP: At the end of your shower, Blast your hair with cold water. (For me, it makes my hair soft and shiny.)


Bath and Body works True Blue spa Shea butter body butter bar

This stuff… this is amazing. I have eczema (Really really really really dry skin(its disgusting)) which means I have to be really careful with what I use and to top that off I have really sensitive skin which means again I have to be careful with what Use. Over the winter my eczema got really bad and it finally started clearing up. Now it is completely gone and I give all the credit to this. It moistuizes your skin and it has an exfoliating side to get all of the dead skin off. It was $6.50 it saved my life. Now instead of getting questions like “Why does your skin look soo disgusting?” I get questions like “How do you get your skin soo soft?”  Plus it smells really good!

Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin Body Wash

I use this simply because of the smell. It smells sooo good. It smells so fruity and the scent stays n your body<3


Neutrogena Acne Face Bar

I love this. I know it works simply because I used it alone for a very long time. Then my acne started to get very bad so I starting combining it with other products. I love this though. It played a role in getting my skin clear for sure!

Neutrogena Oil- Free acne- stress control power gel cleanser

This makes your skin so much better within the first few uses. Words can’t express how much I love this. I think it may have cleared up my skin so fast because I was so stressed but it might do it for all reasons possible.

After The shower

Tip: Use a detangling comb to comb out all of the knots

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave in conditioner

This product makes your hair super soft. For me I feel like it calms down the major frizz I have because I noticed a difference from before when i didn’t use it.

Tip: Bush through very carefully with a paddle brush ( I don’t think your supposed to, because it breaks your hair, but Im always careful) This will make your hair softer and easier to work with.


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2 responses to “Products I recommmend for the shower +tips and tricks

  1. Ashley,
    Lovely post!
    I think my favorite shampoo would have to be Suave Professionals, but I’ve tried the True Blue soap and I really like it, though I use some French brand now that my mom found last week. :D
    I can’t wait for the upcoming posts!

    New post, check it out, please?

    • foreverbeautifulashley

      Aww thank you(: I was thinking about trying out the suave professionals shampoo so as soon as I run out I will probably try that one! Of course I will read it! Thank you sooo much for checking out my post <3
      <3 Ashley

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